Improving Forest Landscape Restoration Strategies in the Mekong Region, Asia

Story from Anita Diederichsen, Amalia Mailing, Thibault Ledecq, Sue Sangkum, and Mallory Graves (WWF)

The United Nations declared 2021 to 2030 to be the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. To effectively incorporate landscape restoration in our conservation efforts, we need tailored approaches for several of the landscapes in which we are working. Some tools are already available to support this process. In December 2019, the Southeast Asia Forest Landscape Restoration Workshop was held to share these tools and support the inclusion of forest landscape restoration in conservation work in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. During the workshop (organized by WWF Greater Mekong, the WWF Forest Practice, and the Forest Restoration Research Unit of the Chiang Mai University), participants learned how to use Restoration Diagnostics and Social Landscape Mapping (World Resources Institute tools) to improve context analysis and how to analyze and incorporate climate change components in “climate-smart” plans. Each country identified main strategies, and participants will continue to improve these strategies and share their knowledge with colleagues to further build capacity for ecosystem restoration.

Participants at the Southeast Asia Forest Landscape Restoration Workshop in Thailand, December 2019. Photo by WWF