Meso-American and European Coaches Facilitate Conservation Framework for Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Discussions in one of the working groups during the workshop. Photo credit: Oscar Maldonado

Story from Oscar Maldonado (Independent Consultant) and Jens Odinga (FoS Europe)

One year has passed since coaches Oscar Maldonado (Guatemala) and Jens Odinga (Netherlands) joined forces to assist STINAPA Bonaire National Parks Foundation, the local organization responsible for the management of protected areas in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Initially, the coaches collaborated to help STINAPA determine their conservation priorities through an Open Standards workshop. The entire STINAPA staff, including fieldworkers, scientists, technical personnel, and administrative staff, participated in the intensive 15-day process. STINAPA is now actively using the plan as their five-year conservation framework to organize yearly work plans, ease management changes, and focus on priorities. 


Developing result chains in a working group.  Photo credit: Oscar Maldonado