Updates to the Open Standards Website!

Flamingos foraging in Axios Delta, Greece.  Photo credit Markos Markoudis

We’ve heard from you that the Conservation Standards website is a critical resource for learning and communicating. We’ve also heard it has been hard to navigate the site and find the resources you need. Though we work on a small budget, we knew we could–and had to–do better. With funding support from the Conservation Measures Partnership, we’ve made some updates to the website that we hope you will like! 

The main change is a new library tool with an agile search function. Using a variety of filters or key word searches, you can now find what you need more easily. We also redesigned the home page so that it better reflects what most users want to know and quickly directs them to answers. In addition, we’ve been uploading exciting case studies and examples of the Open Standards at work, including examples of management plans and teams going full cycle. And finally–spoiler alert!–exciting changes to the website’s look and feel are coming in 2020! Stay tuned. 

We’d love to hear what you think of the changes we’ve made so far. Tell us what you think in this brief survey (1 – 2 minutes) or just email us.