Webinar with Examples of Conservation Standards in Practice

As part of ongoing efforts on the part of Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) and Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) to increase sharing and learning across the Conservation Standards community, CMP has invited CCNet participants to join the presentation portion of CMP’s membership call.  In their quarterly calls, they share examples of “CS in Practice.” You can see this page for examples of past presentations and recordings. 

  • Conservation Essentials: Vital skills for Implementing and Managing Conservation Efforts: This session will provide a preview of exciting products the Training Tomorrows’ Leaders group is wrapping up for an online course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This has all happened thanks to the generous seed funding support from CMP and significant in-kind time donations from all involved. Presenters: Marika Suval, Felix Cybulla, Arlyne Johnson 
  • Testing, Improving, and Rolling Out CMP’s Conservation Audit Tool: This session will share lessons from testing the Conservation Audit Tool with multiple teams across the globe. This work is part of CMP’s Collaborative Learning Initiative and has received generous support from the Moore Foundation.  Presenters: Elizabeth O’Neill, Sheila O’Connor