2020 Cohort of Certified Coaches

In 2018, CCNet initiated a second-party coach certification program, for those who would like acknowledgement from peers, professional recognition of Conservation Standards skills and leadership, and (eventually, we hope) preferential hiring. Applicants are reviewed by teams of already-certified coaches. Certification lasts for three years, after which coaches may reapply to show that they have continued to hone their skills, gain experience, and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the Conservation Standards and coaching. 

We are pleased to announce another cohort of certified coaches: 

  • Vladimir Milushev (Bulgaria) 
  • Natalie Holland (Australia) 
  • Paola Mejia (Uruguay) 

If you’d like to apply in January 2021, please note that the application process involves detailed documentation of your coach training and experience. More information can be found on the CCNet website here 

Remember, certification is not required to be a coach. Anyone who is acting as Conservation Standards coach can still call themselves a coach–we are simply offering a higher level of assurance to those who need it. 

Our sincere thanks to all the reviewers, and to Andy Dickerson, a Certified Coach from Ohio, USA, who organized the review teams. And congratulations to the new cohort!