The JEDI Learning Initiative needs you!

The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) recently launched its “JEDI Learning Initiative”, which is being supported by CCNet coach Leander Lacy as a consultant. The intent of this initiative is to provide recommendations for incorporating Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles into the Conservation Standards. For this process, CMP would like to gather tools and resources from organizations that have used JEDI principles in conservation practice and supplement this information with practitioner advice and tips collected through Key Informant interviews from various organizations around the world.  

 To do this work, we need the help of CCNET and others: 

1.  Are you part of an organization or know of one that has: 

  1. defined JEDI (or similar concepts such as social safeguards) principles, 
  2. documented JEDI approaches, and/or 
  3. actively incorporating JEDI considerations into conservation programs? 

2.  Can you speak to direct experience (both successes and failures) in integrating JEDI principles into conservation practice or know of someone that can?   

If so, please contact Leander at, and if possible, provide a link or attach any available resources.  

In addition to CMP’s JEDI Learning Initiative, within CCNet we are also looking into ways in which we can foster productive discussions and solutions as needed, to help our CCNet community live up to the diverse, equitable, inclusive and fair network we know it can be for all. We hope to benefit from your insights and involvement!