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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceCCNet Certified CoachTeaching Adaptive ManagementCoP - Indigenous CS ProjectsLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Adalbert, Aine-omucunguziUgandaEast African Regional Manager – International Crane Foundation    EnglishYes 
Aine-omucunguzi, AdalbertUgandaEndangered Wildlife TrustCoach      
ALLAM, AnthelmeGabonCoordonnateur Programme Inventaire grande faune WWF-ETIC – WWFCoach in Training      
Apse, ColinUnited StatesAfrica Freshwater Conservation Director – The Nature ConservancyCoach   EnglishNo 
Atencia, RebecaDemocratic Republic of CongoCongo Executive Director – The Jane Goodall Institute    English, Spanish  
Awadh, AsmaKenyaPhD Candidate – Pwani UniversityCoach   English; Swahili  
Awale, BatulaKenyaFreshwater manager – Independent Consultant    EnglishYes 
Babale, MichelCameroonEcole de faune de GarouaCoach   French, English  
Babalola, Elizabeth T.B.NigeriaIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training   English  
BATIENO, BarthelemySenegalResponsable des Opérations et des Services aux membres  (PRCM) – PRCM-IUCN    French  
Ben Charfi, KhouloudTunisiaWWF North AfricaCoach    Yes 
Bett, JohnKenyaIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training   English; Swahili  
Biloghe, JuliaGabonSocial Scientist – Agence National des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN)Coach   French  
Blass Mallya, AlphonceTanzaniaConservation Coordinator – TNC    English  
Brown, MattTanzaniaTNCCoach Trainer   English  
Burger, DaleenSouth Africa        
Chege, NancyKenyaNational Coordinator – GEF-Small Grants Programme of the UNDPCoach, Coach Trainer   English  
Cherkaoui, ImadMoroccoIbn Tofail University/ Association Nature Solutions       
Cheruiyot, MusaKenyaManager, Design, Performance & Learning – WWFCoach, Coach Trainer   English, Kiswahili, Kalenjin  
Cochrane, EricaUnited StatesConservation Measures Manager – International Crane Foundation / Endangered Wildlife TrustCoach, Coach TrainerYes  English, French, and some Kiswahili and SongoYes 
Colverson, PeterKenyaIndependent Consultant    EnglishYes 
Detoeuf, DianeDemocratic Republic of CongoSocio Economic Technical Assistant – WCSCoach   French, EnglishNo 
Etoga, GillesCameroonWWFCoach      
Eves, HeatherUnited StatesYale Universtity Yes  English  
Faber, MarinaSouth AfricaPeace Parks Foundation       
Fordham, ColinSouth AfricaCape Nature       
Fourrier, MarcDemocratic Republic of CongoJane Goodall InstituteCoach in Training   English; French  
Gedi, Issa IsmailKenyaAssistant Regional Coordinator – Northern Rangelands Trust    English  
Gross, Marc-AlexanderNamibiaTransboundary Ecoregion Coordinator – Independent ConsultantCoach   English, GermanYes 
Haja, RaharizakaMadagascarMonitoring & Evaluation Officer – WWF MWIOPO       
Hayward, NatalieSouth AfricaCape Nature       
Inkonkoy Lopili, FabriceDemocratic Republic of CongoWWFCoach in Training   English, French  
Johnson, RobinMadagascarHead of Programmes, Madagascar – Durrell Wildlife Conservation TrustCoach in Training   English, French, RomanianYes 
Kabanda, BwendoZambiaWWFCoach in Training   English  
Kalala Mundadi, DidierDemocratic Republic of CongoWWF       
Kamenya, ShadrackTanzaniaThe Jane Goodall InstituteCoach   English  
Kareko, KiungaKenyaWWF Kenya    English  
Karengane Ntawizera Marie, MarieDemocratic Republic of CongoWWFCoach      
Khatary, MbayeSenegalGEF Small Grants Program National Coordinator – UNDPCoach   FrenchYes 
Kihara, FredKenyaWater Fund Manager – TNC    English  
Kinahan, Anouska A.SpainIndependent Consultant – AK Conservation Consulting    Spanish, EnglishYes 
Kiplagat, JacksonKenyaProgramme Manager – WWF Kenya    English  
Lasch, CristinaMexicoConservation Planning & Adaptation Lead & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer   Spanish, English, German  
Laurenson, KarenTanzaniaFrankfurt Zoological Society       
LeDuc Yeno, StephaneGabonWWFCoach   French  
Maganga, Pierre BriceGabonWWFCoach in Training   FrenchNo 
Maldonado, OscarGuatemalaSenior Independent Consultant – Conservation Planning & Adaptive ManagementCoach TrainerYes  Spanish, French, EnglishYes 
Martin, AndimileTanzaniaField Officer – Independent Consultant    English  
Mbende, MenardDemocratic Republic of CongoWWFCoach      
Merlo, DarioDemocratic Republic of CongoThe Jane Goodall Institute       
Morrison, KerrynSouth AfricaICF VP Africa / EWT Senior Manager Africa – International Crane Foundation / Endangered Wildlife Trust PartnershipCoach   EnglishYes 
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach TrainerYes  English  
Muir, MatthewUnited StatesBiologist – USFWSCoach Trainer   English  
Mupeta Muyamwa, PatriciaZambiaCommunity Conservation Officer – TNC    English  
Ndimuligo, SoodTanzaniaThe Jane Goodall Institute    English  
Ngalu, GasperTanzaniaWWFCoach in Training   English  
Ngoye, ElizabethTanzaniaHead, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Tanzania Office – EngenderHealthCoach   English  
Nibani, HoussineMoroccoPrésident, Association de Gestion Intégrée des Ressources – Association de Gestion Intégrée des RessourcesCoach Yes French, English  
Njilima, FadhiliTanzaniaForest Landscape Restoration Officer – African Wildlife FoundationCoach   English, SwahiliYes 
Ntongho, Anne CameroonMonitoring and Evaluation Officer; CCNet Africa Franchise Leader – WWF CameroonCoach Trainer      
Ny Aina, Ratsifandrihamanana AnitryMadagascarDesign And Impact Advisor – WWF MWIOPO       
Nzooh Dongmo, ZacharieCameroonBio-Monitoring and Wildlife Management Coordinator – WWF-CameroonCoach   French  
O'Connor, SheilaUnited KingdomSenior Conservation Advisor – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English, French  
O'Neill, ElizabethUnited StatesManaging Director – EON Impact ConsultingCoach   English, SpanishYes 
Obiya Mbai, FredKenyaRegional Coordinator-Greater Sera – Northern Rangelands Trust    English  
Pence, GenevieveSouth AfricaConservation Planning Consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   EnglishYes 
Perdok, AlbertienNetherlandsExcept Integrated SustainabilityCoach   Dutch, English, learning FrenchYesProfile
Pintea, LilianUnited StatesDirector of Conservation Science – The Jane Goodall InstituteCoach   English  
Quillec Avelino, BarbaraDemocratic Republic of CongoWCS       
Rafanomezantsoa, SimonMadagascarWWF MWIOPO       
Ramahaleo, TianaMadagascarConservation Planning Programme Officer – WWF MWIOPO        
Ranarivelo Vololonirina, ValenciaMadagascarRBM Senior Advisor – WWFCoach   French, EnglishYes 
Rasolofomanana, LiliaMadagascarMEL officer – WWFCoach   French, EnglishYes 
Ratsifandrihamanana, NanieMadagascarWWF Madagascar West Indian Ocean Programme Office       
Relton, ClaireSouth AfricaFoundations of Success       
Roxburgh, LizanneSouth AfricaEndangered Wildlife Trust       
Sherman, JulieUnited StatesExecutive Director – Wildlife ImpactCoach    Yes 
Sibanda, MxolisiZimbabweResearcher (Biology/ Ecology) – WWF ESARPO    English  
Simfukwe, MatridaTanzaniaMonitoring and Evaluation Manager – WWFCoach   EnglishYes 
Stanway, RosanneSouth AfricaConservation South Africa (CI)       
Sundaresan, SivaKenyaDenver Zoological Foundation    English  
Suval, MarikaUnited StatesConservation Strategic Planner and Coach – Independent; affilated with University of Wisconsin (UW-Madison) and Foundations of Success (FOS)Coach Yes English, AfrikaansYes 
Suya, Neema SihabaKenyaWWFCoach in Training   English; Swahili  
Swaminathan, VinayaUnited KingdomConservation Planner – Foundations of SuccessCoach TrainerYesYes EnglishYes 
Tam, ChristineTanzaniaWWF ESARPO    English  
Tambara, EdwinKenyaConservation Planner – AWFCoach   English; Shona; Ndebele  
Tear, TimTanzaniaBiodiversity Research InstituteCoach Trainer   English  
Teferi, TayeKenyaPolicy and Parnership Coordinator for Africa, – InternationalCoach   English, Amharic, Afan OromoNo 
Tilders, IlkeNetherlandsFoundations of Success EuropeCoach TrainerYes  Dutch, English, FrenchYes 
VanLeeuwe, HildeDemocratic Republic of CongoWCSCoach in Training   English  
Varga, AlexandraUnited StatesPanthera       
Veldtman, AntionetteSouth Africa        
Wheeler, MariusSouth AfricaCape Nature       
Wieland, MichelleDemocratic Republic of CongoWCSCoach in Training   English  
Wittiger, LiviaGermanyProjektmanager West und Zentralafrika – WWFCoach   German, English  
Yoko, AlfredDemocratic Republic of Congo Coach in Training    No 

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The Conservation Standards is the product of inputs, field tests, and discussions among members of the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), which has final editorial authority over the Conservation Standards. Substantial input was also provided by members of the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and other CMP partners.

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