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Name Country of Residence Title / CompanyExperienceCCNet Certified CoachTeaching Adaptive ManagementCoP - Indigenous CS ProjectsLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Albert, JulitaFederated States of MicronesiaChuuk Environmental Protection Agency       
Applebaum, JacobMarshall IslandsIntegrated Resource Management Coordinator – Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority       
Bailey, SallyFijiIndependent ConsultantCoach      
Behnke, LucasUnited StatesKaua'i Terrestrial Marine Program Director – TNCCoach      
Boylan, MarissaFederated States of MicronesiaGender & Equity Advisor, Micronesia and Polynesia – TNCCoach      
Burnidge, WilliamUnited StatesNortheast Colorado Project Director – TNC       
Butterfield, BrentonO'ahu Branch Planner – DLNR-DOFAWCoach      
Cohan, AlisonUnited StatesField Representative – TNC    English  
Cornish (Mr.), AndyPeople's Republic of ChinaFounder, Cornerstone Strategies – Independent Consultant    EnglishYes 
Crysdale, ShalanUnited StatesDirector of HI Island Terrestrial Program – TNCCoach      
Dutton, IanUnited StatesPrincipal – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach Trainer   English, IndonesianYes 
Esters, NiquoleUnited StatesCI Coral Triangle Initiative Director – CICoach      
Eugene, JosephFederated States of MicronesiaMarine Program Manager – Conservation Society of Pohnpei       
Fielding, EmilyUnited StatesMaui Marine Program Coordinator – TNCCoach, Coach Trainer   English  
Fink, AnnaleaUnited StatesAsst. Marine Coordinator – TNCCoach      
Gon, SamUnited StatesTNCCoach in Training      
Gorong, Berna X.Federated States of MicronesiaRegional Mentor – PIMPAC Network       
Jefferies, BruceNew ZealandConservation Planning & Management Systems Consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach   EnglishYes 
Joseph, EugeneFederated States of MicronesiaConservation Society of Pohnpei       
Kanakaokai, KeokiUnited StatesMaui Terrestrial Natural ResourceManager – TNCCoach      
Keliihoomalu, TateUnited StatesAssistant Coordinator – Maui Nui Makai NetworkCoach      
Keller, LeahUnited StatesFellow / Assistant – TNCCoach      
Kennedy, BridgetFijiCI Asia Pacific Regional Development and Partner Manager – CICoach    Yes 
Keyhani, ChristianeUnited StatesMarine Coordinator Kupu Intern - Maui – TNCCoach      
Kurpita, LaurenUnited StatesHawaii Island Marine Coordinator – TNCCoach      
Lasch, CristinaMexicoConservation Planning & Adaptation Lead & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer   Spanish, English, German  
Leberer, TrinaUnited StatesMarine Conservation Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer   English  
Low, GregUnited StatesConservation Planner – Applied ConservationCoach Trainer   EnglishYes 
Malsol Sam, KingRepublic of PalauRock Islands Development Officer – Koror State Government, Department of Conservation & Law Enforcement       
Mejia, ManuelUnited StatesRegional Program Director – Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)Coach      
Morales, MiguelUnited StatesConservation International    English  
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach TrainerYes  English  
Most, RebeccaUnited StatesHI Island Marine Maui Terrestrial Natural Resource – TNCCoach      
Nalesere, KatieUnited StatesMarine Community-based Monitoring Coordinator – DLNR - DARCoach      
Navuku, SanivalatiFijiSocio-economic Officer – Seaweb Fiji        
Newman, AudreyUnited StatesSr. Conservation Advisor – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   EnglishYes 
Osuga, KarinUnited StatesNetwork Coordinator – Maui Nui Makai NetworkCoach      
Plume, CatherineUnited StatesPrincipal – BlueGreenPlumeCoach   EnglishYes 
Richmond, MakaylaUnited StatesHawaiian Islands Program Coordinator – Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)Coach      
Rose, JuliaUnited StatesHawaii Island Marine Project Manager – TNCCoach      
Sagum, Keali'iUnited StatesLegal Fellow – DLNR - DARCoach      
Sampson, NaleiUnited StatesMaui Marine Program Coordinator – TNCCoach      
Sigrah, BettyFederated States of MicronesiaCapacity Building Program Manager – Micronesia Conservation Trust       
Sohl-Obispo, FranciscaFederated States of MicronesiaConservation Society of Pohnpei       
Stark, TiaraUnited StatesMaui Marine Project Manager – TNCCoach      
Sumiye, JasonUnited StatesConservation Programs Coordinator – TNCCoach   English  
Tagicakibau, UnaisiFijiWWFCoach   Fijian, English  
Taylor, TrevorUnited StatesDirector of Conservation – TNCCoach      
Terk, Elizabeth (Liz)Federated States of MicronesiaTNCCoach in Training      
Ueda, YvonneUnited StatesPalau Conservation Manager – TNCCoach      
Victor, StevenRepublic of PalauDep Director of ConservationCoach       
Walsh, CecileUnited StatesHI Island Assistant – TNCCoach      
Wiggins, ChadUnited StatesExecutive Director – Hui Aloha KīholoCoach, Coach Trainer      
Wongbusarakum, SupinUnited StatesCoral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED) Senior Scientist – University of Hawaii in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology       

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CCNet maintains a variety of resources to support Coaches in the presentation and use of the Conservation Standards. Most of the resources are found in multiple languages in the Coaches Notebook that is part of CCNet New Coach Trainings. In addition, in our Resource Library you can find a wealth of support materials shared by Coaches and Conservation Standards practitioners.

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The Conservation Standards is the product of inputs, field tests, and discussions among members of the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), which has final editorial authority over the Conservation Standards. Substantial input was also provided by members of the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) and other CMP partners.

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