2022 Application for CCNet Coach Certification

Below you can download the application form for CCNet Coach Certification.

Please be aware that in addition to submitting your application form there is a cost to apply for conservation coach certification, which covers a review of your application. Certification is not guaranteed and will depend on approval by the review committee.

Note that this application may take considerable time to fill out – especially for the most experienced and qualified applicants.

Once completed, please save the file with your last name at the end and send your form with a cover letter to CCNet’s Global Coordinator, John Morrison (john.morrison@wwfus.org).

You will get an e-mail acknowledging reception of your application and one for reception of payment.

We encourage you to submit your form by the end of February. Once a full application form and payment have been received, the review committee will initiate revisions and will reach out in March-April of 2022. Applicants can expect an announcement by the end of May 2022.

We are working to enable the secure payment link. In the meantime, please contact Cristina Lasch (clasch@tnc.org) to let her know that you’d like to make a certification process payment.

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