Healthy Country Planning: Self-Assessment Tool

This is a tool for the use of teams to check their progress in the development and implementation of their conservation or Healthy Country Plans. The tool is based on the CAP Self-Assessment Tool and adaptations made by CCNet coaches, but was modified  and amplified for use in Healthy Country Planning as a result of a workshop in Melbourne, Australia, December 2014, as part of the development of materials to ‘Close the Loop’ in the Open Standards. This effort was sponsored by TNC-Australia/CCNet Australia. This tool is best used in a team for regular reflection on the progress of your planning and plans, and to see what areas of the plan and its use could be improved. The tool will give you three things:

  1. An indication of what is ‘best practice’ for a step in the Open Standards
  2. An assessment of where you are as a team against that ‘best practice’
  3. A way of tracking your improvement over time in your planning and the use of your plan.

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