Incorporating Social Aspects and Human Wellbeing in Biodiversity Conservation Projects – v. 2.0 (July 2016)

Members of the Conservation Measures Partnership’s Human Wellbeing Working Group are pleased to share an update version HW_Guidance_July2016of CMP’s human wellbeing guidance! This update is based on 3.5 years of applying the concepts from Version 1.0,  and draws on feedback from members of the OS and CCNet community who have used the guidance, as well as those who have used variations of these concepts over the past two decades. Some updates include more details on how to address cultural elements (including an appendix with variations on the standard guidance) and examples of how displaying human wellbeing components may resonate with different audiences. Click here to see Version 2.0.

Description: Conservation is inevitably a social undertaking. As such, many conservation teams feel compelled to address human wellbeing when developing their conservation projects. Prior to 2012, Open Standards users had little guidance on addressing social aspects and human wellbeing in the context of the Open Standards. This document, developed collaboratively by representatives from several organizations and updated in 2016, is a companion document to the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

Full citation: Conservation Measures Partnership. 2016. Incorporating Social Aspects and Human Wellbeing in Biodiversity Conservation Projects. Version 2.0.  Available from:

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