New Online Course in Step 3 of the Conservation Standards

Photo from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Story from Felix Cybulla (independent Consultant) andMarika Suval (Independent Consultant) 

In recent years, demand for training in later steps of the Conservation Standards process and for online training options has been risingCCNet participants, especially those from the Teaching Adaptive Management Network, have given this increasing attentionThanks to the dedication and countless hours of a small task force, the first course to address these needs has been launched! 

This course focuses on the implementation phase of the Conservation Standards (Step 3. Implement). It covers:

  • How to use the Conservation Standards to develop a work plan, timetable and budget
  • How to apply for funding and make critical budget decisions
  • How to set up structures for monitoring and reporting progress, including how to store and manage data

Conservation Essentials is the first in a series of courses providing training on the later steps of theConservation Standards. Focused on Step 3, this course targets conservation practitioners and graduate students with prior knowledge of Steps 1 and 2. Conservation Essentials is currently offered as a 12-week course by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’sNelson Institute for Environmental StudiesThere will be two cohorts in 2020 and three in 2021. The course was developed in partnership withFoundations of Success and independent consultants Felix Cybulla and Marika Suval with CMP funding. 

To learn more and register, check out the Conservation Essentials course online. 

At the link below you can also watch the videos from 7 narrated modules tailored to key steps and skills and associated “Stories from the Field” that share real-world experiences from Conservation Standards practitioners. These videos are generously shared for free by CMP, FOS, and UW-Madison. 

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