Summative Evaluation of Conservation Measures Partnership and Conservation Coaches Network to Strengthen Results-Based Management in Conservation

This document presents results from an external evaluation chartered jointly by the Conservation Measures Partnership and the Conservation Caches Network in 2014.

9 January 2015

Kent H. Redford, Archipelago Consulting
Mark W. Schwartz, University of California, Davis
Kristin Hulvey, University of California, Davis

The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) and the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) both promote the use of adaptive management in conservation practice. As part of their commitment to practice what they advocate, both coalitions have developed guiding documents charting a course for organizational adaptive management and commissioned an independent, summative evaluation of their work. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide a comprehensive review and determine the extent to which their collective efforts have strengthened Results Based Management (RBM) in the conservation sector. As laid out in the Request for Proposals (RFP), the comprehensive evaluation is to be a third party assessment of outcomes and impacts that have resulted from CMP and CCNet activities. A second objective of the evaluation is to document learning regarding efforts of these coalitions to influence the fundamental strategic design and management practices of a major non-profit sector. The evaluation is primarily a retrospective assessment of CMP’s and CCNet’s strategic development and programmatic implementation with a focus on developing and advancing the adoption of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (OS). The time frames included in this review are 2002-2013 for CMP and 2009-2013 for CCNet.

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