2018 CCNet Global Service Awards

At our CCNet Rallies, we present service awards to colleagues who have gone beyond what is expected of them to serve our global community. This year’s awards were presented by CCNet Global Coordinator John Morrison at the 2018 Rally party.

Felix Cybulla: Felix was introduced to the Open Standards as a university student. He seemed to take to the approach immediately and became involved in the European franchise in its early days as a volunteer. He has been volunteering for CCNet ever since. He helped us launch our first Crowdfunding campaign and has been instrumental to several Rallies. His fingerprints can be seen all over CCNet. Most recently, he has stepped up as co-leader of the brand new CCNet Southeast Asia franchise.

Marcia Brown: Marcia has been involved with the Open Standards for a long time. She serves on the CCNet coordination team and has worked for Foundations of Success for almost two decades, leading dozens of OS-based planning processes around the world, adeptly navigating complex situations in both English and Spanish. She also led the development of results chains as a graphical tool for modelling theories of change, and in recent years, she has drawn on her personal passion to address climate change by helping us develop Climate-Smart Open Standards.

Annette Stewart: Annette is the perfect example that a CCNet champion does not necessarily need a “conservation” background. Almost 20 years ago, she joined Bush Heritage Australia as their Finance Manager. With a background in IT and organisational strategy, she identified the need for a more systematic approach to documenting and adapting conservation projects. Her search for a solution led her to the Open Standards and Miradi as a support tool. In order to implement the changes she dreamed of, she transferred into the conservation team and set about quietly transforming the organisation. Annette Stewart stands out as a shining ambassador for the CCNet Australia franchise and the Open Standards movement around the world.

Oscar Maldonado: Oscar has been applying CAP/Open Standards continuously for many years in numerous cultural and geographic contexts, mostly in Latin America and Africa. He has contributed to CCNet in many ways, including incorporating a negative side-effects and risk analysis into conservation initiatives, helping adapt tools to different cultural settings, developing approaches to include cultural (tangible and intangible) assets in conservation planning, and creating a personal mentoring program for emerging conservation coaches.

If you are curious, the full transcript of the awards can be read here.


From left to right: Oscar Maldonado, Felix Cybulla, Marcia Brown, and Annette Stewart with their Global Service Awards, May 2018, Australia. Photo by Andrew Bridges.