Advanced Online Conservation Standards Training for Practitioners in Chile

Story from Felix Cybulla and Oscar Maldonado (Independent Consultants)

Twenty-seven conservation practitioners from Chile are participating in a 12-week advanced online Conservation Standards training, in Spanish. Facilitated by Felix Cybulla and Oscar Maldonado, the training is a joint venture by two conservation coaches from two different regional networks (CCNet Southeast Asia and CCNet Latin America). Interest in the training was overwhelming–we had over 100 applicants.

The selected participants represent 12 organizations, including government institutions, national and international NGOs, and independent consultants. Nine of the virtual modules cover the steps of the Conservation Standards; the remaining three dive deeper into climate change and the human dimension of natural resource management, Chile’s specific challenges, and Miradi. COVID-19 restrictions permitting, we will hold a one-week, in-person workshop after the 12 modules. We hope some of the practitioners joining us for this training will soon participate in a Coach Training and become active members of CCNet 

The training is hosted by Chile’s Ministry of the Environment in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society-Chile, with the sponsorship of the United States Department of the Interior: International Technical Assistance Program and other generous donors.