Healthy Country Planning

Here you will find what you need to facilitate a process or conduct a training course on Healthy Country Planning. CCNet’s most experienced coaches in Healthy Country Planning are based in Australia, where this adaptation was developed and thoroughly tested. We invite you to contact our CCNet Australia leaders, or to find a coach to help with HCP here.


Presentations for each step:

Session 00_CCNet Introduction to OS workshop

Session 01a_HCP Pre-planning

Session 01b_HCP Dream and Area

Session 02_HCP Targets

Session 03_HCP Health

Session 04_HCP Threats

Session 05_HCP Situation analysis

Session 06_HCP Goals

Session 07_HCP Strategies and Strategy evaluation

Session 08_HCP Results chains

Session 09_HCP Measures and monitoring

Session 10_HCP Work plans and capacity

Session 11_HCP Analyse, Use, Adapt, Review

Session 12_HCP Telling ourselves and others

Session 13_HCP Further Support


Workshop Exercises:

Session 01 HCP Exercise Pre – Planning Vision and Scope

Session 02 HCP Exercise Targets

Session 03 HCP Exercise Target Health

Session 04 HCP Exercise Threats

Session 05 HCP Exercise Situation Analysis

Session 06 HCP Exercise Goals & Objectives

Session 07 HCP Exercise Strategies

Session 08 HCP Exercise Results Chains

Session 09 HCP Exercise Measures Plan

Session 10 HCP Exercise Workplan & Capacity

Session 11 HCP Exercise Closing the loop

Session 12 HCP Exercise Telling the story


Workshop Agenda:

Sample Facilitator Agenda


Additional Workshop Resources:

Poster to show Open Standards or Healthy Country Planning steps and how they relate to each other

Comparison of Open Standards and Healthy Country Planning cycles

Crosswalk of Open Standards or Healthy Country Planning terms showing corresponding colours for each topic


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