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Name Country of Residence RegionTitle / CompanyExperienceCCNet Certified CoachTeaching Adaptive ManagementCoP - Indigenous OS ProjectsLanguage(s)Avail. to coach in other countries  
Abreu, Maria JasyleneBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista – WWF-BrazilCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Agchbayar, Khurel-ErdeneMongoliaMongoliaOtgontengerCoach     Email 
Albert, JulitaFederated States of MicronesiaPacific IslandsChuuk EPA      Email 
Alexander, LouiseUnited StatesNorth AmericaUS Fish and Wildlife Service, NCSU    English Email 
Alexander, JohnUnited StatesNorth AmericaExecutive Director – Klamath Bird ObservatoryCoach     Email 
ALLAM, AnthelmeGabonAfricaCoordonnateur Programme Inventaire grande faune WWF-ETIC – WWFCoach in Training     Email 
Allen, AnaMexicoMesoAmericaCoordinadora de planeación estratégica – Independent consultant    SpanishYesEmail 
Allysa, LavernitaMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaSenior Programme Development Officer (Borneo Programme) – WWF MalaysiaCoach   Malay, English Email 
Altangerel, ErdenebayarMongoliaMongoliaGeneral Manager – Eco-Asia Environmental InstituteCoach Trainer     Email 
Anderson, MarkAustraliaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Anderson, AlyssaUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North America, South AmericaTNCCoach in Training     Email 
Andraka, SandraCosta RicaMesoAmerica, South AmericaIndependent Consultant – EcoPacíficoCoach   Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Ankhbayar, EnkhboldMongoliaMongoliaSpecialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Ansell, JenniferAustraliaAustraliaConsultantCoach     Email 
Antenen, SusanUnited StatesNorth AmericaNY State Parks    English Email 
Applebaum, JacobMarshall IslandsPacific IslandsIntegrated Resource Management Coordinator – Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority      Email 
Apse, ColinUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaSenior Freshwater Conservation Advisor – TNCCoach   English Email 
Ariya, UyangaMongoliaMongoliaProject coordinator – TNC Mongolia      Email 
Arreola, Maria EugeniaMexicoMesoAmericaDirector, Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program – Director, Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program      Email 
Aschenbrenner, DanielaGermanyEuropeFOS EuropeCoach   German, English EmailProfile
Asteriou, MarioGreeceEuropeVolvi Authority / Independent ConsultantCoach   Greek, English EmailProfile
Atencia, RebecaDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaCongo Executive Director – The Jane Goodall Institute    English, Spanish Email 
Aunapuu, MaanoSwedenEuropeNational Coordinator for Action Programs for Threatened Species – Swedish Environmental Protection AgencyCoach   English, SwedishYesEmail 
Austin, Elvira (Ellie)AustraliaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English Email 
Avent, TomosUnited KingdomEuropeWildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)Coach   English Email 
Awadhi, Asma HadiKenyaAfricaIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training   English; Swahili Email 
Awale, BatulaKenyaAfricaFreshwater manager – Independent Consultant    EnglishYesEmail 
Baasandamba, ErdenechimegMongoliaMongoliaSnow Leopard FundCoach     Email 
Babale, MichelCameroonAfricaEcole de faune de GarouaCoach   French, English Email 
Babalola, Elizabeth T.B.NigeriaAfricaIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training   English Email 
Bagshaw, DarinCanadaNorth AmericaConservation Areas Advisor – Government of Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Bailey, SallyFijiPacific IslandsIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Bain, TracyUnited StatesNorth AmericaPlanning, Monitoring & Evaluation Program Manager – IFAW      Email 
Balbar, GankhuyagMongoliaMongoliaCommunity development officer – TNC Mongolia      Email 
Balint, JudithUnited StatesAfrica, North Americano longer with WWF US      Email 
Baljnyam, Batjargal0MongoliaWWF MongoliaCoach     Email 
Bandi, DanaajavMongoliaMongoliaBogdkhan Mountain Strictly Protected AreaCoach     Email 
Barbosa, TiagoBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista – WWF-BrazilCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Barbosa, RogérioBrazilSouth AmericaHead, Design & Impact of Projects – WWF-BrazilCoach Trainer   Portuguese, English Email 
Barbosa da Silva, Desireé CristianeBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista Ambiental – ICMBIOCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Barlow, AdamUnited KingdomEurope, South AsiaWildTeamCoach Trainer   English Email 
Barna, HeatherCanadaNorth AmericaDirector, Conservation Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Bartolome Zofio, JorgeSpainEuropeProject and Total Quality Systems Manager – WWF Spain      Email 
Basan, MunkhchuluunMongoliaMongoliaWWF MongoliaCoach     Email 
Batbyamba, KhankhuuMongoliaMongoliaHustai NPCoach     Email 
BATIENO, BarthelemySenegalAfricaResponsable des Opérations et des Services aux membres  (PRCM) – PRCM    French Email 
Batjargal, BaljnyamMongoliaMongoliaNature resource management officer – WWF Mongolia AHEC      Email 
Baumgarten, LeandroBrazilSouth AmericaAtlantic Forests Central Savannas Science coordinator – TNC    Portuguese Email 
Bayha, WalterCanadaNorth AmericaDeline Renewable Resources CouncilCoach     Email 
Bayley, SamAustraliaAustraliaKimberley Land Council - WillinginCoach   English Email 
Beale, WillUnited KingdomEuropeHead of Programme Management – WWF United Kingdom    English Email 
Bechtel, DougUnited StatesNorth AmericaCEO – Audubon International    English Email 
Bekhbat, BatdorjMongoliaMongoliaEastern Mongolia Protected Area AdministrationCoach     Email 
Benitez, SilviaEcuadorSouth AmericaConservation Projects Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer       
Benson, Heather SaundersUnited StatesNorth AmericaPlanning Manager – Puget Sound PartnershipCoach     Email 
Berkinshaw, ToddAustraliaAustraliaTechnical Services Manager – Greening Australia    English Email 
Berrio-Martínez, JinethColombiaEurope, South AmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach   Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Beshara, TimAustraliaAustraliaScience Manager – Greening Australia    English Email 
Besse, LaurianeNetherlandsAfrica, EuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach   French, EnglishYesEmailProfile
Best, BarbaraUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Coastal Resources Advisor – USAIDCoach     Email 
Betancourt, AlejandraVenezuelaSouth AmericaInvestigadora – Instituto de Ciencias Ambientales y Ecológicas - Universidad de los Andes    Spanish Email 
Bett, JohnKenyaAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English; Swahili Email 
Bevilacqua, María PíaVenezuelaSouth AmericaPresidente – Asociación Venezolana para la Conservación de Áreas Naturales (ACOANA)    Spanish Email 
Biloghe, JuliaGabonAfricaSocial Scientist – Agence National des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN)Coach   French Email 
Bilous, LarisaRussiaEuropeWWF-RussiaCoach in Training   Russian, English Email 
Blass Mallya, AlphonceTanzaniaAfricaConservation Coordinator – TNC    English Email 
Bloomfield, BetsyUnited StatesNorth AmericaCowache Canyon TrustCoach   English Email 
Bock, EllieAustraliaAustraliaConsultantCoach     Email 
Boddam-Whetham, LucyUnited KingdomEuropeWildTeamCoach   English Email 
Boenisch, NicolasGermanyEuropeAdaptive Conservation Advisor – FOS EuropeCoach, Coach Trainer   German, English EmailProfile
Bold, AldarmaaMongoliaMongoliaSenior specialist – Onon Balj NP      Email 
Bolortsetseg, SanjaaMongoliaMongoliaWCSCoach     Email 
Borg, KimCanadaNorth AmericaEnvironment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Boshoven, JudyUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoach   EnglishYesEmail 
Boxwell, JanetCanadaNorth AmericaGwichin' Renewable Resources BoardCoach     Email 
Bozic, BorisCroatiaEuropeMilvus, environmental consultancyCoach     Email 
Bramley, ClaireGermanyEuropeSustainable Landscapes and River Basins Coordinator – WWFCoach     Email 
Branigan, SimonAustraliaAustraliaEstuaries Conservation Coordinator – TNCCoach     Email 
Braun, MatthewCanadaNorth AmericaManager of Conservation Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Braun, DavidUnited StatesNorth AmericaSound Science, IncCoach   English Email 
Bravo, CatherinePeruSouth AmericaIndependent Consultant    Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Bridges, AndrewUnited StatesNorth AmericaResearch Ecologist – Institute for Wildlife StudiesCoach     Email 
Brook, LilithCanadaNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Areas Advisor – Government of the Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Broughton, ColinAustraliaAustraliaFacilitator – Nillumbik Landcare NetworkCoach     Email 
Brown, MattTanzaniaAfricaTNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Brown, MarciaUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North AmericaSenior Program Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Brown, JennyUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Brown, AllanaAustraliaAustraliaHealthy Landscapes Manger / Ecologist North Region – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach     Email 
Browne, ClaudiaUnited StatesNorth AmericaWater Resource Specialist/Bioregion Team leader – BiohabitatsCoach     Email 
Bryan, GrahamCanadaNorth AmericaManager, Protected Areas – Canadian Wildlife Service - Ontario RegionCoach     Email 
Burkett, ChrisUnited States AFWA, Virginia Dept Game & Fish    English Email 
Burnidge, WilliamUnited StatesNorth America, Pacific IslandsNortheast Colorado Project Director – TNC      Email 
Byers, AnyaUnited StatesNorth AmericaLand and Water Conservation Manager – The Nature ConservancyCoach     Email 
Byrne, JamesUnited StatesNorth AmericaMarine Science Program Manager – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Byrne, BobUnited StatesNorth AmericaIndepentent Consultant – Bob Byrne Consulting    EnglishYesEmail 
Cademus, RonaldHaitiNorth AmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach   French, English Email 
Campellone, RobUnited StatesNorth AmericaFounder – Institute for Landscape Conservation DesignCoach     Email 
Cardenas, NirariMexicoMesoAmericaConservation Program Coordinator – TNC      Email 
Caro Carrillo, AndreaBrazilSouth AmericaConsultora independente – Comunidade Plano de ManejoCoach in Training   PortugueseYesEmail 
Carr, BenAustraliaAustraliaIndependent ConsultantCoach   English Email 
Carswell, EleanorAustraliaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach     Email 
Castiblanco Alarcon, Jose JavierColombiaSouth AmericaMonitoring & Evaluation Specialist – WWF ColombiaCoach in Training     Email 
Castro, MauricioUnited StatesAfrica, North America, South AmericaSr. Conservation Scientist – TNCCoach Trainer   English, Spanish, Portuguese, German Email 
Cepeda, Maria FernandaMexicoMesoAmericaConsultant – Capacitacion y Asesorias AmbientalesCoach Trainer   SpanishYesEmail 
Chacón, EulogioVenezuelaSouth AmericaProfesor – Instituto de Ciencias Ambientales y Ecológicas (ICAE), Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela    SpanishYesEmail 
Chege, NancyKenyaAfricaNational Coordinator – GEF-Small Grants Programme of the UNDPCoach, Coach Trainer   English Email 
Chek, AndrewAustraliaAustraliaProject Officer – Australian Government Department of the EnvironmentCoach in Training     Email 
Chen, ShuyinPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaTNC    Mandarin, English Email 
Chen, JingPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaProgram Manager. Traffic – WWF China      Email 
Cheruiyot, MusaKenyaAfricaStrategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer – WWF ESARPOCoach, Coach Trainer   English Email 
Childs, SaraUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Director – Duke University    English Email 
Chinchilla, TeresitaGuatemalaMesoAmericaAsociación de Comunidades Forestales de PeténCoach in Training     Email 
Chintu, RichardZambiaAfricaWWF Zambia    English Email 
Chu, ClarusPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaWWF    Mandarin, English Email 
Chueng (Mr.), CWPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaHead of Footprint – WWF Hong KongCoach Trainer   Mandarin, English Email 
Clark, EllieAustraliaAustraliaWimmera Project Officer – Trust for NatureCoach     Email 
Cochrane, EricaUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaConservation Measures Manager – International Crane Foundation / Endangered Wildlife TrustCoach    YesEmail 
Cohan, AlisonUnited StatesPacific IslandsField Representative – TNC    English Email 
Collomb, Jean GaelUnited StatesNorth America, South AmericaWildlife Conservation Network      Email 
Colverson, PeterKenyaAfricaIndependent Consultant    EnglishYesEmail 
Conley, MaryUnited StatesNorth AmericaSoutheast Director of Marine Conservation – TNC        
Cornish (Mr.), AndyPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaDirector, Conservation – WWF Hong Kong        
Cornman, AriUnited StatesNorth AmericaWildlife Advisor – California Fish and Game CommissionCoach     Email 
Courrau, JoseCosta RicaMesoAmericaIUCNCoach     Email 
Cowell, StuartAustraliaAustraliaDirector – Conservation ManagementCoach, Coach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Cox, NickSwitzerlandEuropeEcoregion Coordinator – IUCN        
Cranswick, PeterUnited KingdomEuropeWildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)Coach   English Email 
Crawford, ClareUnited KingdomEuropeHead of Design & Impact (D&I) – WWF-UKCoach     Email 
Creek, LucretiaAustraliaAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in Training     Email 
Creek, JenniferAustraliaAustraliaKulla Land TrustCoach in Training   English Email 
Creek, DionAustraliaAustraliaKalan Enterprises/Kaantju Traditional OwnerCoach   Portuguese, English Email 
Crespo Camacho, DianaMexicoMesoAmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach   Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Cros, AnnickUnited StatesEurope, Pacific IslandsPhD Student – University of HawaiiCoach   English, French, Spanish Email 
Cullen, BenAustraliaAustraliaPort Phillip & Westernport Regional Manager – Trust for NatureCoach     Email 
Cybulla, FelixPhilippinesEurope, Southeast AsiaIndependent ConsultantCoach, Coach Trainer   German, English, SpanishYesEmailProfile
D'Arcy, LauraUnited KingdomEurope, Southeast AsiaZSLCoach    YesEmail 
Damian, SheelasheenaMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach     Email 
Damian, CarmenRomania University of Bucarest      Email 
Darsinah, PedroMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay Email 
Davaa, GalbadrakhMongoliaMongoliaTNCCoach       
Davaakhuu, BolortsetsegMongoliaMongoliaSenior Specialist – Khan khentii SPA      Email 
de Carvalho Oliveira, LeonardoBrazilSouth AmericaLeonardo de Carvalho Oliveira – Independent Consultant    PortugueseYesEmail 
De Castro, GlenPhilippinesSoutheast AsiaIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training     Email 
de Groot, MarliesNetherlandsEuropeWWF - Netherlands    Dutch, English Email 
de Oliveira, CléaBrazilSouth AmericaConsultora Independente – Comunidade Plano de ManejoCoach   PortugueseYesEmail 
Decker, LynnUnited StatesNorth AmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach   English Email 
Deegan, PaulaAustraliaAustraliaIndependent consultant – UnaffiliatedCoach, Coach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
DeGarady, Colette United StatesNorth AmericaLongleaf Pine Whole System Director – The Nature ConservancyCoach   English Email 
Deland, CarineCanadaNorth AmericaDirector of Science and Stewardship, QC – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   French and English Email 
Delgado, ClaudioChileSouth AmericaConservación MarinaCoach     Email 
Dembereldash, BaigalmaaMongoliaMongoliaTNC      Email 
DeMello, NicoleUnited StatesNorth AmericaForest Carbon Specialist – TNCCoach     Email 
Detoeuf, DianeDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaSocio Economic Technical Assistant – WCSCoach   French, English Email 
Devranoglu, SelinTurkeyEuropeWWF TurkeyCoach     Email 
DeWan, AmielleUnited StatesNorth AmericaExecutive Director – Impact by DesignCoach   English Email 
Dewi Ritonga, Intan SarahIndonesiaSoutheast AsiaProgram Development Manager – The Nature Conservancy IndonesiaCoach in Training     Email 
Dias, AndréBrazilSouth AmericaLíder de Estrategia de Promoción de Productos y Servicios del Ecosistema, Living Amazon Initiative (LAI) – WWF - Brazil    Portuguese, Spanish Email 
Dickerson, AndyUnited StatesNorth AmericaExecutive Director – Cardinal Land ConservancyCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Dickson, IainUnited KingdomEuropeImpact Evaluation Officer – BirdLife InternationalCoach     Email 
Didier, KarlUnited StatesNorth America, South AmericaConservation Scientist – Rainforest TrustCoach Trainer   English, PortugueseYesEmail 
Diederichsen, AnitaBrazilAfrica, South AmericaCCNet Coach – Coach - CCNETCoach Trainer   Portuguese, Spanish, English Email 
Dietz, Lou AnnUnited StatesNorth America, South AmericaPresident – Save the Golden Lion TamarinCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Dondog, AltangerelMongoliaMongoliaArgali centerCoach     Email 
Donysius, MaxentiusMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach     Email 
Dorjsuren, UrjinbadamMongoliaMongoliaKhuvsgul National ParkCoach     Email 
Doudle, SamAustraliaAustraliaProject Officer – Department of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCoach in Training     Email 
Dougherty, ClairAustraliaAustraliaProperty Planning Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach   English Email 
Duda, LynnUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planning Specialist – Independent Consultant    EnglishYesEmail 
Dufty, AnthonyAustraliaAustraliaSustainable Land Management Coordinator (West) – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach     Email 
Dunford, WendyCanadaNorth AmericaCandian Wildlife Service - Environment CanadaCoach   English, French Email 
Dunscomb, JudyUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Scientist – TNCCoach   English Email 
Durant, MickAustraliaAustraliaSenior Vegetation Consultant – Greening AustraliaCoach in Training     Email 
Durnin, MattPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaRegional Conservation Scientist – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English, ChineseYesEmail 
Dutton, IanUnited StatesAustralia, China, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, North America, Pacific IslandsPrincipal – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach Trainer   English, IndonesianYesEmail 
Eccles, SarahAustraliaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach     Email 
Echeverria, YvenMexicoMesoAmericaIndependent Consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Egidarev, EugeneRussiaMongoliaSenior Specialist – WWF Russia, AHEC      Email 
Enkhmunkh, GanboldMongoliaMongoliaSenior Specialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Enkhtsetseg, TuguldurMongoliaMongoliaField Biologist – TNC - MongoliaCoach Trainer     Email 
Ernoul, LisaFranceEuropeTour du ValatCoach   French, English EmailProfile
Escute, XavierSpainAfrica, EuropeFundació Catalunya-La PedreraCoach Trainer   Spanish, Catalunyan, English, FrenchYesEmailProfile
Esquer, AntonioMexicoMesoAmericaConservation Area Planning Specialist – NATURALIA      Email 
Esters, NiquoleUnited StatesPacific IslandsCI Coral Triangle Initiative Director – CICoach     Email 
Etoga, GillesCameroonAfricaWWFCoach     Email 
Eugene, JosephFederated States of MicronesiaPacific IslandsMarine Program Manager – Conservation Society of Pohnpei      Email 
Evans, KirstenUnited StatesNorth AmericaDeputy Director of Conservation Strategy and Learning – TNCCoach   English Email 
Evans, DougAustraliaAustraliaLandcare and Sustainable Agriculture Manager – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach     Email 
Evans-Peters, SaraUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planner – Pacific Birds Habitat Joint VentureCoach     Email 
Eves, HeatherUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaYale Universtity    English Email 
Fadzilawati Hamdan, LynnMalaysiaSoutheast Asia Coach     Email 
Farrow, LesleyCanadaNorth AmericaConservation Coordinator – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Fedinandova, VeronikaBulgariaEuropeIUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management    Bulgarian, English Email 
Fei, LENG (Ms.)People's Republic of ChinaChinaProgramme Coordinator – WWF China    Mandarin, English Email 
Ferarro, PaulAustraliaAustraliaScience Officer – Trust For NatureCoach     Email 
Fielding, EmilyUnited StatesPacific IslandsMaui Marine Program Coordinator – TNCCoach   English Email 
Finn, SeanUnited StatesNorth AmericaScience Coordinator – USFWSCoach     Email 
Fisher, JonUnited StatesNorth AmericaTerrestrial and Remote Sensing Science Officer, Conservation Science – Pew Charitable TrustCoach     Email 
Fitzherbert, KateAustraliaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach in Training   English Email 
Flores, Marco A.United StatesNorth AmericaBiodiversity Specialist – USAIDCoach     Email 
Fourrier, MarcDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaJane Goodall InstituteCoach in Training   English; French Email 
Fowler, ChantalAustralia Manager Governance and Business Systems – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach     Email 
Francis, MargaretUnited StatesNorth AmericaFoundation Representative/Representante – IAF        
Fransen, SallyUnited KingdomEurope, South AmericaMOUNTAIN MARMOSETS CONSERVATION PROGRAMCoach in Training     Email 
Fraser, LaurenAustraliaAustraliaTrust for NatureCoach   English Email 
Freudenberger, DavidAustraliaAustraliaSenior Lecturer – Fenner School of Environment & Society    English Email 
Gárate, TomásChileSouth AmericaFundación Legado ChileCoach     Email 
Gómez, Juan RicardoColombiaSouth AmericaProfesor e Investigador – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana    Spanish, English Email 
Gagnon, PaulaUnited StatesNorth AmericaIndependent consultant – Paula Gagnon Consulting    EnglishYesEmail 
Gajardo, OsvaldoBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista – WWF-BrazilCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Gankhuyag, BalbarMongoliaMongoliaWWF AHECCoach Trainer     Email 
Garris, CristyUnited StatesNorth AmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach   Chinese, English, RussianYesEmail 
Garstecki, TobiasGermanyEuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training   English, German, Spanish Email 
Garvoille, RebeccaUnited StatesNorth AmericaPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Conservation Biology – Denver ZooCoach   English Email 
Gaskell, LydiaUnited KingdomEuropeCoaches Coordinator & Design & Impact Advisor – WWF-United KingdomCoach, Coach Trainer   English Email 
Gatti, GustavoBrazilAfrica, South AmericaConsultor Independente – Consultor IndependenteCoach   Portuguese, Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Gedi, Issa IsmailKenyaAfricaAssistant Regional Coordinator – Northern Rangelands Trust    English Email 
Geiger, LauraGermanyEuropeUniversity of Sustainable Development-EberswaldeCoach Trainer   German, Spanish, English EmailProfile
Gellar, NigelAustraliaAustraliaSenior Ranger Coordinator – Warddeken Land ManagementCoach in Training     Email 
Geoghegan, JoelAustraliaAustraliaFacilitator – Bass Coast Landcare NetworkCoach     Email 
Gezellius, LarsSwedenEuropeCounty Administrative Board SwedenCoach   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Gilfillan, AnnaAustraliaAustraliaTerritory NRMCoach in Training     Email 
Godfrey, ClaudiaPeruSouth AmericaDirectora de la Unidad de Gestion – Sociedad Peruana de Derecho AmbientalCoach in Training   Spanish Email 
Goetz, JamesUnited StatesNorth AmericaPhD Student – Cornell UniversityCoach     Email 
Gon, SamUnited StatesPacific IslandsTNCCoach in Training     Email 
Gondor, AnneUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North AmericaConservation Planner – Independent Consultant/grad student (Masters in Natural Resources)Coach   English Email 
González Perez, FernandaEcuadorSouth AmericaProgram Officer – UNDP-Ecuador    English, Spanish Email 
Gonzales, EmilyCanadaNorth AmericaEcological Restoration Specialist – Parks Canada      Email 
Goose, ErinCanadaNorth AmericaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Gordon, DoriaUnited StatesMongolia, North AmericaEDF    English Email 
Gore-Birch Gault, Cecilia (Cissy)AustraliaAustraliaBalanggarra IPA Co-ordinator – Balanggarra Aboriginal CorporationCoach in Training     Email 
Gorong, Berna X.Federated States of MicronesiaPacific IslandsRegional Mentor – PIMPAC Network      Email 
Gottlieb, SaraUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Freshwater Science & Strategy – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Granillo, IsabelMexicoMesoAmericaConservation Planner – Independent ConsultantCoach   Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Grant, AndreAustraliaAustraliaCentre for Alternative TechnologiesCoach Trainer   English, FrenchYesEmail 
Grasela, Katarzyna (Kasia)Dominican RepublicMesoAmerica, North AmericaIndependent consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach   English, Spanish, possibly PolishYesEmail 
Grattidge, AnnAustraliaAustraliaEcOz Environmental ServicesCoach in Training     Email 
Green, ShelleyUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Conservation Programs – TNCCoach   English Email 
Greenwood, ChristinaUnited KingdomEurope, South AsiaWildTeam    English Email 
Griesinger, AngelicaBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista de Finanzas para la Sostenibilidad – WWF - Brazil    Portuguese, English Email 
Grindrod, JenAustraliaAustraliaProgram Coordinator, Land Management – APY Anangu Pitjantjatjara YankunytjatjaraCoach     Email 
Grinrod, JenAustraliaAustraliaConservation Project Officer – Bush Heritage Australia    English Email 
Groffen, HeidiAustraliaAustraliaWildlife biologist – Territory NRMCoach in Training     Email 
Gross, Marc-AlexanderLaosEurope, Southeast AsiaTransboundary Ecoregion Coordinator – Independent ConsultantCoach   English, GermanYesEmailProfile
Guangzhi, LucyPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaPaulson Institute    Mandarin, English Email 
Guhl, AndrésColombiaSouth AmericaProfesor y Director Maestría en Geografía, Departamento de Historia – Universidad de los Andes    Spanish, English Email 
Gunn, JodyAustraliaAustraliaExecutive Manager South east Region – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach     Email 
Gurung, BijanNepalSouth AsiaMonitoring Officer – WWF Nepal        
Gurung, AaratiNepalSouth AsiaSenior Program Development Officer – WWFCoach     Email 
Guymala, TerahAustraliaAustraliaWarddeken    English Email 
Haas, ClaudiaCanadaNorth AmericaProtected Areas Biologist – Government of the Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Hagir, Roa'aMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaProtected Areas – WWF MalaysiaCoach in Training     Email 
Haja, RaharizakaMadagascarAfricaMonitoring & Evaluation Officer – WWF MWIOPO      Email 
Halligan, SarahAustraliaAustraliaSustainable Land Management Coordinator (East) – Port Phillip Westernport CMACoach     Email 
Hamel, CaryCanadaNorth AmericaDirector of Conservation (Acting) – Nature Conservancy of Canada, Manitoba RegionCoach     Email 
Hammersland, JoridSwedenEuropeMinistry of the Environment, SwedenCoach   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Hansel, TroyLaosSoutheast AsiaIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Harding, CraigCanadaNorth AmericaManager of Conservation Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Harrell, Reginal M.United StatesNorth AmericaProfessor of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences & Extension Specialist – University of MarylandCoach     Email 
Hasenauer, NadjaAustraliaAustraliaWWFCoach in Training     Email 
Hayden, DanielUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Director, Global Programs – RARE    English   
Heaston, JohnUnited StatesNorth AmericaIndependent Consultant    English Email 
Heinrichs, Anne KatrinGermanyEuropeEuroNaturCoach   German, English Email 
Hendrix, TatianaUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Officer, Combating Wildlife Trafficking – US Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Henry, SaraGuyanaSouth AmericaProtected Areas Planning Officer – Protected Areas Commission-GuyanaCoach in Training     Email 
Heron, TimCanadaNorth AmericaNWT Metis NationCoach     Email 
Herrera, BernalCosta RicaMesoAmericaDirector of Kenton Miller" Latin American Department on Protected Areas and Biological Corridors / Vice President for IUCN's Mesoamerican Commission for Ecosystem Management" – CATIECoach Trainer       
Herschler, NathanUnited StatesNorth AmericaIFAW      Email 
Hertzman, JennySwedenEuropeCounty Administrative Board of BlekingeCoach, Coach Trainer   English, Swedish, read German EmailProfile
Heumann, BlaneUnited StatesNorth AmericaTNCCoach   English Email 
Heydenrych, BarryAustraliaAustraliaGondwana Link coordinator – Greening Australia-Gondwana LinkCoach Trainer   English Email 
Hicks, ShellyUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Project Design Specialist – Environmental Incentives, Measuring Impact ProjectCoach     Email 
Hidayat, Ismu (Nur)IndonesiaSoutheast AsiaConservation InternationalCoach     Email 
Hill, MeganUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnvironment Specialist – USAIDCoach     Email 
Hobson, NaomiAustraliaAustraliaBalkanu /KULLA (Cape York)Coach   French, English, Spanish Email 
Hodgkiss, SarahCanadaNorth AmericaCarolinian Canada Coalition      Email 
Hoffman, NancyUnited StatesNorth AmericaProject Leader – Independent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Hoffman, Anne MarieUnited StatesNorth AmericaCoastal Conservation Project Manager – Independent ConsultantCoach   English; Spanish Email 
Hogbin, AmandaAustraliaAustraliaConsultantCoach     Email 
Holland, NatalieAustraliaAustraliaConservation Projects Manager – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Holman, DeanCanadaNorth AmericaLiidli Kue First NationCoach     Email 
Holmes, JarradAustraliaAustraliaDambimangari Healthy Country Coordinator – Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in Training     Email 
Holst Rice, SusieUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram and Management Analyst – NOAA    English Email 
Hook, AbigailUnited StatesNorth AmericaESA | Environmental Science Associates     YesEmail 
Houssine, NibaniMoroccoAfricaPrésident, Association de Gestion Intégrée des Ressources – Association de Gestion Intégrée des RessourcesCoach     Email 
Howe, SteffanAustraliaAustraliaMarine Science ManagerCoach     Email 
Howes, BriarCanadaNorth AmericaParks Canada    French Email 
Hudson, Virginia (Ginny)CanadaNorth AmericaNature Conservancy of CanadaCoach in Training     Email 
Humpert, MarkUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Initiatives Director – Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies    English Email 
Husbands, StevenGuyanaSouth AmericaPlanning and Evaluation – Guyana Protected Areas CommissionCoach in Training     Email 
Ibañez, MercedesChileSouth AmericaTNC      Email 
Ibisch, PierreGermanyEuropeUniversity of Sustainable Development-EberswaldeCoach   German, Spanish, English EmailProfile
Ignjic, EmmaAustraliaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach Trainer   English Email 
Ikonen, IiroFinlandEuropeRegional Centre for Economic Development, Traffic and Environment (Varsinais-Suomi District)Coach   Finnish, English EmailProfile
Ingraham, MollyUnited StatesNorth AmericaAssociate Director of Conservation Planning – TNC    English Email 
Inkonkoy Lopili, FabriceDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English; French Email 
Isaksson, IngelaSwedenEuropeCounty Administrative Board - GothenburgCoach Trainer   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Jackson, MichaAustraliaAustraliaConsultantCoach in Training     Email 
Jaffer, TimAustraliaAustraliaUnaffiliated    English Email 
Jalava, JarmoCanadaNorth AmericaConsulting Ecologist – Independent Consultant      Email 
Jawhary, DaliaUnited StatesNorth AmericaHima Programs Director – Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon-SPNLCoach     Email 
Jefferies, BruceNew ZealandAustralia, Pacific IslandsConservation Planning & Management Systems Consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach   EnglishYesEmail 
Jinyu, Lei  (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaChinasenior Officer – WWF China    Mandarin, English Email 
Jobin, BenoitCanadaNorth AmericaHabitat Conservation Specialist – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   French and English Email 
Johnson, MIkeUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnvironmental Planner – Puget Sound PartnershipCoach     Email 
Johnson, ArlyneUnited StatesNorth America, South AsiaSenior Program Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Joseph, EugeneFederated States of MicronesiaPacific IslandsConservation Society of Pohnpei      Email 
Jouravleva, OlgaRussiaEuropeDeputy Conservation Programme Director – WWF Russia      Email 
Kühn, MartinGermanyEuropeUniversity of Sustainable Development-EberswaldeCoach in Training   German, English, Spanish EmailProfile
Kabanda, BwendoZambiaAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English Email 
Kalala Mundadi, DidierDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaWWF      Email 
Kamenya, ShadrackTanzaniaAfricaThe Jane Goodall InstituteCoach   English Email 
Kaplan, RachelUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Officer – WWFCoach     Email 
Kareko, KiungaKenyaAfricaWWF Kenya    English Email 
Karengane Ntawizera Marie, MarieDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaWWFCoach     Email 
Keesing, AmandaAustraliaAustraliaGondwana Link LtdCoach   English Email 
Kemitzoglou, DimitraGreeceEuropeThe Goulandris Natural History Museum - Greek Biotope / Wetland Centre (EKBY)Coach in Training     EmailProfile
Kennedy, BridgetFijiSoutheast Asia, Pacific IslandsCI Asia Pacific Regional Development and Partner Manager – CICoach    YesEmail 
Kermode, RoscoAustraliaAustraliaConsultant – Conservation ManagementCoach in Training     Email 
Kessler, DanielleUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Policy & Outreach Manager – IFAWCoach     Email 
Khaltar, OyunbilegMongoliaMongoliaMEGDCoach     Email 
Khan, SabinaItalyEuropeNovia University of Applied Sciences / Politecnico di Milano    English Email 
Khee Lee, ShanMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWF Malaysia      Email 
Khoury, MaryUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Scientist – TNC    English Email 
KHULAN, Munkh-Erdene  (Ms.)MongoliaMongoliamanager – WWF Mongolia      Email 
Khurel-Erdene, AgchbayarMongoliaMongoliaOtgontengerCoach     Email 
Kihara, FredKenyaAfricaWater Fund Manager – TNC    English Email 
Kinahan, Anouska A.GuyanaNorth America, South AmericaScience Research and Development Technical Advisor – Frankfurt Zoological Society| Bale Mountains National ParkCoach     Email 
King, DanielleUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North America, South AmericaSustainable Landscapes Lui-Walton Innovator Fellow – CICoach    YesEmail 
King, BrettAustraliaAustraliaProgram Coordinator - Protecting Biodiversity – North Queensland Dry Tropics NRMCoach in Training     Email 
Kiplagat, JacksonKenyaAfricaProgramme Manager – WWF Kenya    English Email 
Kissick, AmeliaUnited StatesNorth AmericaWWF-USCoach     Email 
Knauer, JenniferUnited StatesNorth AmericaHook & Knauer    English Email 
Koch, PaulAustraliaAustraliaProject Ecologist – Independent ConsulotantCoach Trainer   English Email 
Koh, SharonMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWF Malaysia      Email 
Kooistra, DavidNetherlandsEuropeRegional Government Groningen ProvinceCoach   Dutch, English EmailProfile
Koscinski, DariaCanadaNorth AmericaCarolinian Canada Coalition      Email 
Kramer, DaveUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North AmericaGerente de aprendizaje e innovación – The Colombia Rising Project & ANIIP (Austin Network of International Impact Professionals)      Email 
Kumar, Saras SureshAustraliaAustraliaConservation ManagementCoach in Training     Email 
Kuperus, GunillaNetherlandsEuropeWWF NetherlandsCoach   Dutch, English EmailProfile
Kwek, Mei JiunMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay, English Email 
López, InésMexicoMesoAmericaAlianza Kanan KayCoach   Spanish Email 
López De la Lama, RocíoPeruSouth AmericaAsistente Técnica – Centro para la Sostenibilidad Ambiental - Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia    Spanish, English Email 
López-Gallego, CristinaColombiaSouth AmericaDocente, Instituto de Biologia – Universidad de Antioquia    Spanish, English Email 
Lacy, LeanderUnited StatesNorth AmericaCbD 2.0 Learning Coordinator – TNCCoach     Email 
LaPoint, JodieUnited StatesNorth AmericaAssociate Director of Conservation – TNCCoach   English Email 
Lapointe, Nicolas (Nick)CanadaNorth AmericaThe Nature Conservancy of Canada      Email 
Lara, KarlaGuatemalaMesoAmerica       Email 
Larrea, IrmaUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North America, South AmericaProgramme Manager of the Living Amazon Initiative – WWF - USCoach   Spanish; English Email 
Lasch, CristinaMexicoAfrica, Australia, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, MesoAmerica, Mongolia, North America, Pacific Islands, South America, South AsiaConservation Planning Specialist & CCNet Technical Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer       
Laurenson, KarenTanzaniaAfricaFrankfurt Zoological Society      Email 
Lawrence, KarenUnited KingdomEuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Le Thi Thu, ThuyVietnamSoutheast AsiaWWF MalaysiaCoach   Vietnamese Email 
Le Viet, Tam (Mr.)VietnamSoutheast AsiaProject Manager – WWF Vietnam        
Leberer, TrinaUnited StatesPacific IslandsMarine Conservation Coordinator – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
LeDuc Yeno, StephaneGabonAfricaWWFCoach   French Email 
Lee, Sheu JeenMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach     Email 
Leem Choo, PohMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaMarine Biologist – WWF Malaysia      Email 
Lentz, Lauren HannaUnited StatesNorth AmericaImpact by Design GroupCoach     Email 
Leonel, CristianeBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista de Recursos Ambientais – Fundação FlorestalCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Leung, Yamme  (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaChinaEducation Manager – WWF Hong Kong    Mandarin, English Email 
Lipsett-Moore, GeoffAustraliaAustraliaNorthern Australia Program Director – TNC Australia Program    English Email 
Little, HenryUnited StatesNorth AmericaAssistant Director of Science Freshwater – Applied ConservationCoach   EnglishYesEmail 
Liu, YingPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaManager of Conservation Strategy, Chief Programme Officer office – WWF ChinaCoach in Training     Email 
Liu, DachangPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaConservation Measures Manager – SEE Conservation    Mandarin, English Email 
Lo, CherylPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaWWF    Mandarin, English Email 
Lobinsiu, FredinandMalaysia WWFCoach   Malay, English Email 
Lockwood, WarrenUnited StatesNorth AmericaProduct Manager – Sitka Technology GroupCoach     Email 
Long, YonchengPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaConservation Measures Manager – Independent Consultant    Mandarin, English Email 
Lourival, ReinaldoBrazilSouth AmericaLíder de Campanha – Consultor Independente en Bioma Soluções Sustentáveis y Director ejecutivo en WSPA Brazil - Sociedade Mundial de Proteção AnimalCoach in Training   Portuguese, Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Low, GregUnited StatesNorth America, Pacific IslandsConservation Planner – Applied ConservationCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Luhong, WangPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaHealthy River Project Manager – TNC China      Email 
Luo, YongmeiPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaTNCCoach   Mandarin Email 
Luque, CeciliaPeruSouth AmericaEspecialista forestal – Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina    Spanish Email 
Luster, RyanUnited StatesNorth AmericaRestoration Program Manager – TNC    English Email 
Luz, LedaBrazilSouth AmericaConsultora Independente – Consultora IndependenteCoach in Training   PortugueseYesEmail 
Mägi, IngeborgNetherlandsEuropeWWFCoach   English, Estonian Email 
Mackay, GreyAustraliaAustraliaProgram Manager – Rangelands NRM WACoach in Training     Email 
Mackay, GlenCanadaNorth AmericaGovernment of the Northwest Territories – Education, Culture and Employment      Email 
MacLeod, BritneyCanadaNorth AmericaHabitat Ecologist – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach   English Email 
Magnin, GernantNetherlandsEuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training     Email 
Mahamutaj, ErmelindaAlbaniaEuropeUniversity of TiranaCoach     Email 
Maier, KrisCanadaNorth AmericaGwichin' Renewable Resources  BoardCoach     Email 
Maina, Joshua OtienoKenyaAfricaDesign and Impact Manager – WWF-KenyaCoach in Training   English; SwahiliYesEmail 
Majerus, Jill United StatesNorth AmericaSenior Consultant, Markets & Conservation – Independent Consultant    English Email 
Makletzoff, TonyaCanadaNorth AmericaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Maldonado, OscarGuatemalaAfrica, MesoAmerica, South AmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach Trainer   Spanish, French, EnglishYesEmail 
Maloy, MollyUnited StatesNorth AmericaGraduate and Adult Programs Manager – Denver ZooCoach     Email 
Malsol Sam, KingRepublic of PalauPacific IslandsRock Islands Development Officer – Koror State Government, Department of Conservation & Law Enforcement      Email 
Manan, Natasha NordinMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay Email 
Marchant, KimberleyUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector, Field Programs – WWF-USCoach     Email 
Margoluis, RichardCosta RicaMesoAmerica, South AsiaFoundations of Success    English, SpanishYesEmail 
Martínez, Yuri VivianaCosta RicaMesoAmericaEspecialista en estrategias de gobernanza y fortalecimiento de capacidades  en Áreas Protegidas y Corredores Biológicos – CATIE      Email 
Martin, BrianUnited StatesNorth AmericaEastern MT Science & Stewardship Director – TNC    English Email 
Martin, AndimileTanzaniaAfricaField Officer – Independent Consultant    English Email 
Martin, AllisonUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Associate, Indigenous & Communal Conservation – TNCCoach in Training     Email 
Martinez, Jorge LuisPeruSouth AmericaResponsable de Información – Centro para la Conservación, Investigación y Manejo de Áreas Naturales - Cordillera Azul    Spanish Email 
Matsumoto, SandiUnited StatesNorth AmericaAssociate Director, California Water Program – TNCCoach   English Email 
Matsuo, Patricia MieBrazilSouth AmericaIndependent Consultant    PortugueseYesEmail 
Maxentius, DonysiusMalaysiaSoutheast Asia Coach   Malay, English   
Mbabazi, John BoscoUgandaAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English Email 
Mbende, MenardDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaWWFCoach     Email 
McBride, StuartUnited KingdomSouth AsiaWildTeam      Email 
McCreedy, EricaAustraliaAustraliaNAILSMACoach in Training     Email 
McDonald, Katherine (Katie)CanadaNorth AmericaIndependent Consultant      Email 
McGinlee, BilleeAustraliaAustraliaNAILSMACoach in Training     Email 
McGregor, JamesAustraliaAustraliaCAP Facilitator – Greening AustraliaCoach in Training     Email 
McLean, LyndallAustraliaAustraliaConsultant Handy Mandy NTCoach Trainer     Email 
McLellan, RichardSwitzerlandEuropeWWF International      Email 
McLellan, ElisabethAustraliaAustraliaHealthy Landscapes Manager – Western Rangelands – Bush Heritage Australia      Email 
Mejía, PaolaUruguaySoutheast Asia, South AmericaIndependent Consultant    Spanish Email 
Merlo, DarioDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaThe Jane Goodall Institute      Email 
Miewald, TomUnited StatesNorth AmericaSpatial Ecologist/Conservation Planner – USFWSCoach     Email 
Mikov, MichaelAustraliaAustraliaPlanning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist – Independent Consultant      Email 
Miller, RobynUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Conservation Programs – TNC    English Email 
Miller, NickUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Science & Strategy – TNC        
Milushev, VladimirBulgariaEuropeBulgarian Biodiversity FoundationCoach, Coach Trainer   Bulgarian, English Email 
Missall, SiegmundGermanyEuropeHNE EberswaldeCoach in Training   German, English Email 
Mitchell, Katherine (Kat)AustraliaAustraliaWilinggin Healthy Country Coordinator – Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in Training     Email 
Molina, Maria ElenaGuatemalaMesoAmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach, Coach Trainer   SpanishYesEmail 
Montenegro, IrinaChileSouth AmericaConservation Planning Officer – WWF ChileCoach Trainer       
Morales, MiguelUnited StatesNorth America, Pacific IslandsConservation International    English Email 
Morales, JudithMexicoMesoAmericaWWF MexicoCoach     Email 
Moreira da Rocha, LigiaBrazilSouth AmericaConsultora Independente – Consultora IndependenteCoach in Training   PortugueseYesEmail 
Morgan, AlexisCanadaNorth AmericaPrivate consultant – Independent Consultant     No  
Mori, LucaNew ZealandSoutheast AsiaProgramme Associate, CI Pacific Programme – CI     YesEmail 
Morrison, JohnUnited StatesAfrica, Australia, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, MesoAmerica, Mongolia, North America, Pacific Islands, South America, South AsiaManager, Conservation Planning & Measures; Coordinator-CCNet – WWF USCoach Trainer   English Email 
Mountain, LaraCanadaNorth AmericaDucks Unlimited, CanadaCoach     Email 
Muchow, ArturAustraliaAustraliaFacilitator – Middle Yarra Landcare NetworkCoach     Email 
Muir, MatthewUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaBiologist – USFWSCoach Trainer   English Email 
Muller, GretchenUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Associate – Cascadia Consulting GroupCoach     Email 
Munkh-Ochir, UrtnasanMongoliaMongoliaEastern Mongolia Protected Area AdministrationCoach     Email 
Munkh-Od, DashpurevMongoliaMongoliaOnon baljCoach     Email 
Munkhnast, DalannastMongoliaMongoliaWWFCoach     Email 
Mupeta Muyamwa, PatriciaZambiaAfricaCommunity Conservation Officer – TNC    English Email 
Mwampamba, TuyeniMexicoMesoAmericaUNAM      Email 
Nabarlambal, SarahAustraliaAustraliaWarddeken    English Email 
Nadeson, ThiagarajanMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaHead of Education and Public Sector partnerships – WWF Malaysia        
Nan, ZengPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaAssociate Project Officer -Inner Mongolia – TNC      Email 
Navuku, SanivalatiFijiPacific IslandsSocio-economic Officer – Seaweb Fiji        
Ndimuligo, SoodTanzaniaAfricaThe Jane Goodall Institute    English Email 
Nelson, KaraUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planner and Scientist – Kara Nelson Consulting    EnglishYesEmail 
Neufeld, RebekahCanadaNorth AmericaConservation Operations Program Coordinator – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Neugarten, RachelUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector, Conservation Priority Setting – CI      Email 
Newman, AudreyUnited StatesPacific IslandsSr. Conservation Advisor – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Neyelle, MichaelCanadaNorth AmericaDeline Renewable Resources CouncilCoach     Email 
Ng, Julia  (Ms.)MalaysiaSoutheast AsiaSenior Programme Development Officer (Peninsular MalaysiaProgramme) – WWF MalaysiaCoach       
Ngalu, GasperTanzaniaAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English Email 
Ngoye, ElizabethTanzaniaAfricaMonitoring and Evaluation Officer, Coastal East Africa GI – WWF TanzaniaCoach   English Email 
Nicholls, DominickAustraliaAustraliaIndependent Consultant      Email 
Nichols, KellieAustraliaAustraliaCoordinator – Bass Coast Landcare NetworkCoach     Email 
Nilsson, PerSwedenEuropeProfessor, department of marine ecology – University of GothenburgCoach   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Njilima, FadhiliTanzaniaAfricaProject Co-ordinator – Udzungwa Forest Project    English Email 
Noseworthy, JoshCanadaNorth AmericaDirector of Science - Atlantic Canada – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach     Email 
Ntongho, Anne CameroonAfricaMonitoring and Evaluation Officer; CCNet Africa Franchise Leader – WWF CameroonCoach Trainer     Email 
Nuñez, FranciscoDominican RepublicMesoAmerica, North AmericaNorth Western Caribbean Project Coordinator – TNC        
Nussey, PatCanadaNorth AmericaConservation Planner – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Ny Aina, Ratsifandrihamanana AnitryMadagascarAfricaDesign And Impact Advisor – WWF MWIOPO      Email 
Nygård, LottaSwedenEuropeCounty Administrative Board - High CoastCoach   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Nzooh Dongmo, ZacharieCameroonAfricaBio-Monitoring and Wildlife Management Coordinator – WWF-Cameroon    French Email 
O'Connor, SheilaUnited KingdomAfrica, EuropeSenior Conservation Advisor – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English Email 
O'Neill, ElizabethUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaManaging Director – EON Impact ConsultingCoach   EnglishYesEmail 
O’Brien, SaraUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Conservation Planning – Defenders of Wildlife    English Email 
Obiya Mbai, FredKenyaAfricaRegional Coordinator-Greater Sera – Northern Rangelands Trust    English Email 
Ochirkhuyag, LkhamjavMongoliaMongoliaWCSCoach     Email 
Odinga, JensNetherlandsEuropeVan Hall Larenstein, University of Applied sciencesCoach   Dutch, English EmailProfile
Oksana, LipkaRussiaEuropeWWFCoach     Email 
Olsson, AnnetteSingaporeSoutheast AsiaScientific Technical Advisor – Conservation InternationalCoach, Coach Trainer    YesEmail 
Orndorff, StephanieUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planner/GIS – National Audubon Society    English Email 
Otgonbayar, BayanmunkhMongoliaMongoliaSenior specialist – Munkhkhairkhan SPA      Email 
Oyunsaikhan, GanbaatarMongoliaMongoliaDepartment on Special Protected Areas Administration, GobiCoach     Email 
Pague, ChrisUnited StatesMongolia, North America, South AmericaLead Senior Conservation Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Paiva, FredaPapua New GuineaAustraliaEcology /Conservation Lecturer – PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment        
Paix, LisaFranceEuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach   French, English Email 
Palmeros, MiguelMexicoMesoAmericaCAPAMP-mentor – Niparajá      Email 
Parriman, DamienAustraliaAustraliaWalalakoo Aboriginal CorporationCoach, HCP Coach  Yes  Email 
Paskus, JohnUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Scientist, Lead Conservation Planner – Michigan State UniversityCoach   English Email 
Patterson, TamathaUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Ecologist – USGSCoach     Email 
Payne, CatherineUnited KingdomEuropeDurrell Wildlife Conservation TrustCoach   English Email 
Peabody, ShawnUnited StatesNorth AmericaLearning Specialist – Environmental IncentivesCoach   English Email 
Pearsall, DougUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Scientist – TNCCoach   English Email 
Pedro, DarsinahMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach     Email 
Pegler, PhilAustraliaAustraliaParks VictoriaCoach     Email 
Pence, GenevieveSouth AfricaAfricaConservation Planning Consultant – Independent ConsultantCoach, Coach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Pennington, AdamAustraliaAustraliaDepartment of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCoach in Training     Email 
Perdok, AlbertienNetherlandsAfrica, EuropeExcept Integrated SustainabilityCoach   Dutch, English, learning FrenchYesEmailProfile
Perenlei, GalragchaaMongoliaMongoliaIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Permana, Rudi IndonesiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Indonesian Email 
Pickering, DebbieUnited StatesNorth AmericaOregon Coast Ecologist – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Pimenta de Moraes, Luiz FelipeBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista Ambiental – ICMBIOCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Pintea, LilianUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaDirector of Conservation Science – The Jane Goodall InstituteCoach   English Email 
Placci, GuillermoArgentinaMesoAmerica, South AmericaFoundations of Success    Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Planitzer, CarolinUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Program Officer, Conservation Finance – World Wildlife FundCoach     Email 
Plume, CatherineUnited StatesAustralia, Southeast Asia, MesoAmerica, North America, Pacific Islands, South America, South AsiaPrincipal – BlueGreenPlumeCoach   EnglishYesEmail 
Polglase, LanaAustraliaAustraliaKuuku Y'au Aboriginal CorporationCoach in Training   English Email 
Porej, DeniItalyEuropeWWF MedPOCoach Trainer       
Potter, KarenCanadaNorth AmericaEnvironment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Powers, ElizabethUnited StatesNorth AmericaUSFWSCoach     Email 
Present, TessUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Associate – Environmental IncentivesCoach     Email 
Purev-Ochir, GankhuyagMongoliaMongoliaMongolian bird conservation centerCoach     Email 
Purevsuren, GaltsogMongoliaMongoliaMyangan Ugalzat National ParkCoach     Email 
Qing, LiuPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaMarine Project Associate Officer – TNCCoach     Email 
Qiong, WUPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaProgram Officer, Governance – WWF China      Email 
Quanhua, Shi  (Ms.)People's Republic of ChinaChinaOfficer – WWF China    Mandarin, English Email 
Ríos, GerardoMexicoMesoAmericaConsultor Independiente – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   Spanish; EnglishYesEmail 
Rachler, PhyllisAustriaEuropeProgramme Officer – WWF DCPOCoach     Email 
Rafanomezantsoa, SimonMadagascarAfricaWWF MWIOPO      Email 
Raharizaka, HajaMadagascarAfricaWWFCoach in Training     Email 
Rajkovic, ZeljkaCroatiaEuropeAssociation BIOMCoach   Croatian, English Email 
Ramachandra, AnuragAustraliaAustralia, Southeast AsiaCICoach     Email 
Ramahaleo, TianaMadagascarAfricaConservation Planning Programme Officer – WWF MWIOPO        
Ranarivelo Vololonirina, ValenciaMadagascarAfricaWWF MadagascarCoach in Training     Email 
Ranarivelo Vololonirina, ValenciaMadagascarAfricaWWFCoach   French Email 
Rasolofomanana, LiliaMadagascarAfricaWWF-MadagascarCoach   French, English Email 
Ratsifandrihamanana, NanieMadagascarAfricaWWF Madagascar West Indian Ocean Programme Office      Email 
Ray, David K.United StatesNorth AmericaManaging Director of Conservation – Lowcountry Land TrustCoach   English Email 
Reichle, SteffenBoliviaSouth AmericaSenior science and conservation advisor – Foundation for the Conservation of the Chiquitano Dry Forest (FCBC)Coach Trainer       
Reidhead, WillSwitzerlandEuropeWWF United Kingdom    EnglishYesEmail 
Remson, EJUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Program Manager – TNC    English Email 
Renosari, GondanIndonesiaSoutheast AsiaTNC      Email 
Reubel, Teresa LissaGermanyEuropeUniversity of Sustainable Development-EberswaldeCoach in Training   German, English, Spanish EmailProfile
Ribeiro, HâniaBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista – WWF-BrazilCoach   Portuguese Email 
Rippen, JorienNetherlands Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesCoach     Email 
Robertson, AmandaUnited StatesNorth AmericaUS Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Robinson, DougAustraliaAustraliaActing Regional Operations Manager and Conservation Science Coordinator – Trust for NatureCoach     Email 
Robson, LauraCanadaNorth AmericaConservation Coordinator, ON Region – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Rodrigue, MarkAustraliaAustraliaProgram Leader Marine and Coasts – Parks VictoriaCoach     Email 
Rodriguez, Juan JoséPeruSouth AmericaIndependent Consultant    Spanish Email 
Rozario, AvaMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaFreshwater Conservation – WWFCoach in Training     Email 
Rupa, MarkAlbaniaEuropeCNVP Albania    English Email 
Saez, DavidSpainEuropeFundació Catalunya La PedreraCoach     Email 
Sah, Iliana MohdMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay, English Email 
Salafsky, NickUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector – FOSCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Salinas, Julio César (Camilo)BoliviaSouth AmericaCoordinador de Gestión Integral Territorial y Áreas Protegidas – Fundación para la Conservación del Bosque Chiquitano (FCBC)Coach   Spanish Email 
Salzer, DanUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planning & Tools Specialist – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Sanders, AngelaAustraliaAustraliaBush Heritage AustraliaCoach     Email 
Sanjmyatav, MungunchimegMongoliaMongoliaProject Coordinator – WWF Mongolia      Email 
Santin Catapan, Marisete InesBrazilSouth Americano longer with WWF_Brazil      Email 
Santman, LuitzenNetherlandsEuropeVogelbescherming Nederland, BirdLife NetherlandsCoach Trainer     Email 
Sapul, AnnisahPapua New GuineaAustraliaWildlife Conservation Society        
Saratscheff, TomásChileSouth AmericaPresidente – Fundación Legado ChileCoach   Spanish, English Email 
Sargent, TashaCanadaNorth AmericaJoint Venture Coordinator – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Schake, KatherineUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Associate – Nautilus Impact InvestingCoach     Email 
Scheske, ChristelPeruEurope, South AmericaFellowship holder – Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs    Spanish, German, English Email 
Schiffer, KatrinNetherlandsEuropeVan Hall Larenstein, University of Applied sciencesCoach in Training   German, English Email 
Schmid, HolgerSwitzerlandEuropeProgramme Manager Alpine Arc – MAVA Fondation pour la NatureCoach   German, English EmailProfile
Schueler, KelseyUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Associate – Environmental IncentivesCoach     Email 
Schuler, GeorgeUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Conservation Science and Practice – TNCCoach Trainer   English Email 
Schulz, TerriUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Ecologist – TNCCoach, Coach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Scoggin, SandraUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Program Coordinator – San Francisco Bay Joint VentureCoach     Email 
Secaira, FernandoMexicoMesoAmericaCoastal Reslience Specialist – TNCCoach     Email 
Secaira, EstuardoGuatemalaMesoAmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach Trainer   Spanish, EnglishYesEmail 
Selanec, IvanaCroatiaEuropeAssociation BIOMCoach in Training   Croatian, English Email 
Semelin, JulienSwitzerlandEuropeMava FoundationCoach in Training   French Email 
Sen, YaoMongoliaMongoliaAssociate Project Officer -Inner Mongolia – TNC      Email 
Sereeterdorj, TsendsurenMongoliaMongoliaMEGDCoach     Email 
Shabita, KellyZambiaAfricaCommunity Outreach Officer    English   
Sharma, DiwakarIndiaSouth AsiaAssociate Director, Species Conservation Programe – WWF India    English Email 
Sheelasheena, DamienMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay Email 
Sherman, JulieUnited StatesAfrica, Southeast Asia, North AmericaExecutive Director – Wildlife ImpactCoach    YesEmail 
Sherriff, NicoleAustraliaAustraliaStakeholder Coordinator – Hydro TasmaniaCoach in Training     Email 
Sherwood, KristinUnited StatesNorth Americaindependent - Fish ChoiceCoach     Email 
Shurtliff, QuinnUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North America, South AmericaWildlife Biologist and Conservation Planning Coach – Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal ServicesCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Sibanda, MxolisiZimbabweAfricaResearcher (Biology/ Ecology) – WWF ESARPO    English Email 
Sigrah, BettyFederated States of MicronesiaPacific IslandsCapacity Building Program Manager – Micronesia Conservation Trust      Email 
Simfukwe, MatridaTanzaniaAfricaMonitoring and Evaluation Officer – WWF TanzaniaCoach   English Email 
Simpson, VirginiaAustraliaAustralia, Southeast AsiaGreater Mekong and Timor Leste Development Manager – CICoach    YesEmail 
Sinclair, MelissaAustraliaAustraliaInstitute of Environmental Studies, University of New South WalesCoach   English Email 
Singleton, LyndalAustraliaAustraliaDawul Wuru -YirrganydjiCoach     Email 
Sissons, RobertCanadaNorth AmericaParks CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Siwan, ElangMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaProtected Areas Officer – WWFCoach in Training     Email 
Sliwinski, MaggiCanadaNorth AmericaParks CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Smith, FionaAustraliaAustraliaGrassland Management Coordinator – Parks VictoriaCoach     Email 
Sohl-Obispo, FranciscaFederated States of MicronesiaPacific IslandsConservation Society of Pohnpei      Email 
Solomon Araral, RaquelSingaporeSoutheast AsiaIndependent ConsultantCoach       
Song, LiuPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaSenior Program Officer, Water – WWF China      Email 
Soumare, AronaSenegalAfricaConservation Director – WWF WAMER        
Sprod, DanielAustraliaAustraliaLandscape Conservation Coordinator – Independent ConsultantCoach Trainer   English Email 
Steger, AnnaGermanyEuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training     Email 
Stein, KellyCanadaNorth AmericaConservation Areas Management Planner – Government of Northwest TerritoriesCoach     Email 
Stelwagen, TjibbeNetherlandsEuropeVan Hall Larenstein UniversityCoach   English, Dutch Email 
Stem, CarolineUnited StatesMesoAmerica, North America, South AmericaSenior Program Officer – Foundations of SuccessCoach, Coach Trainer   English, SpanishYesEmail 
Stenhouse, RenaeUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector, WWF GEF Agency – WWF-USCoach     Email 
Sterne, CharlaUnited StatesNorth AmericaUS Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Stevens, MikeAustraliaAustraliaParks VictoriaCoach     Email 
Stevens, AlysAustraliaAustraliaBiodiversity Scientist – NT Dept. of Land Resource ManagementCoach in Training     Email 
Stewart, AnnetteAustraliaAustraliaInvestment Proposals Coordinator – Bush Heritage AustraliaCoach   English Email 
Stiles, KariUnited StatesNorth AmericaAdaptive Systems Manager – Puget Sound Institute – University of Washington    English Email 
Strand, HollyUnited StatesNorth AmericaUtah State UniversityCoach     Email 
Strauss, AlexandraSwitzerlandEuropeSwiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSLCoach     Email 
Strixner, LenaGermanyEuropeUniversity of Sustainable Development-EberswaldeCoach Trainer   German, English EmailProfile
Strole, ToddUnited StatesNorth AmericaNatural Areas Stewardship Program Manager – Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Stronach, PeterAustraliaAustraliaGreening AustraliaCoach in Training     Email 
Sullivan, CourtneyUnited StatesNorth AmericaWWFCoach     Email 
Sumiye, JasonUnited StatesNorth America, Pacific IslandsConservation Programs Coordinator – TNCCoach   English Email 
Sundaresan, SivaKenyaAfrica, North America, South AsiaDenver Zoological Foundation    English Email 
Suoto, TamiaUnited StatesNorth America, South AmericaProgram Director – Amazon ConservationCoach   English, Spanish Email 
Supit, Elisabeth D.IndonesiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Indonesian Email 
Surridge, MarthaUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Conservation Planner – Defenders of Wildlife    English Email 
Sutter, RobUnited StatesNorth AmericaConsultant – Enduring Conservation Outcomes, LLC    EnglishYesEmail 
Suval, MarikaUnited StatesAfrica, North AmericaAdaptive Management Facilicator – Independent ConsultantCoach   English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, SepediYesEmail 
Suvd, PurevjavMongoliaMongoliaUNDPCoach     Email 
Suya, Neema SihabaKenyaAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English; Swahili Email 
Swallow, MichelleCanadaNorth AmericaGovernment of the Northwest Territories - Environment and Natural ResourcesCoach     Email 
Swaminathan, VinayaUnited StatesAfrica, Europe, North AmericaConservation Planner – Foundations of SuccessCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmailProfile
Swanepoel, Pieter AUnited StatesNorth AmericaSafaribwanaCoach     Email 
Swaty, RandyUnited StatesNorth Americaecologist – TNCCoach     Email 
Tabar, HerminataliaMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaCommunity Engagement and Education – WWF MalaysiaCoach in Training     Email 
Tagicakibau, UnaisiFijiPacific IslandsWWFCoach   Fijian, English Email 
Tam, ChristineTanzaniaAfricaWWF ESARPO    English Email 
Tambara, EdwinKenyaAfricaConservation Planner – AWFCoach   English; Shona; Ndebele Email 
Tamir, MandakhMongoliaMongoliaKhan-Khentii National ParkCoach     Email 
Tan, Hui Shim  (Ms.)MalaysiaSoutheast AsiaHead of Planning, Development and Monitoring Unit – WWF MalaysiaCoach, Coach Trainer   Malay, English Email 
Tan, Hao JinMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaProtected Areas Manager – WWF MalaysiaCoach     Email 
Tanaka, AndreaCanadaNorth AmericaHabitat Planner, Stewardship – Environment and Climate Change CanadaCoach in Training   English Email 
Tear, TimTanzaniaAfricaWildlife Conservaion SocietyCoach Trainer   English Email 
Teferi, TayeKenyaAfricaPolicy and Partnership Coordinator for Africa – TRAFFICCoach in Training   English Email 
Tein Dung, HuynhVietnamSoutheast AsiaWWF VietnamCoach in Training     Email 
Teixeira Domingos, IvensBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista de Projetos de Conservação Sênior, Programa Cerrado & Pantanal – WWF - Brazil    Portuguese, Spanish Email 
Tembo, Felix LambulaniZimbabweAfricaWWFCoach in Training   English Email 
Tentij, ManonNetherlandsEuropeVogelbescherming Nederland, BirdLife NetherlandsCoach     Email 
Teofili, CorradoItalyEuropeWWF Italy and independent consultantCoach Trainer     EmailProfile
Terk, Elizabeth (Liz)Federated States of MicronesiaAustralia, Pacific IslandsTNCCoach in Training     Email 
Thibault, PhilippeFranceEurope, South AmericaFrench Amazon program officer – WWF-GuyaneCoach in Training   French, Portuguese, English Email 
Tiemann, MarionGermanyEuropeCCNet Europe Student NetworkCoach in Training     Email 
Tilders, IlkeNetherlandsAfrica, EuropeCo-Franchise Leader CCNet Europe – Foundations of SuccessCoach Trainer   Dutch, English, FrenchYesEmailProfile
Tingström, LenaSwedenEuropeSwedish Agency for Marine and Water ManagementCoach   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Todd, PaulUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector Strategy Development Initiatives & Campaigns – NRDC      Email 
Toledo, DianaUnited StatesNorth AmericaLeadership Development Director – River NetworkCoach in Training   Spanish, English Email 
Tong, JinPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaConservation Scientist – TNC, ChinaCoach Trainer   Mandarin, English Email 
Toro, JessicaUnited StatesNorth AmericaCo-Owner – Native Habitat Restoration    English Email 
Tremblay, ChristianCanadaNorth AmericaParks CanadaCoach in Training   English and French Email 
Trofimova, NataliaRussia Director of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregonal Office – WWF Russia      Email 
Tsedendash, TuvshinbatMongoliaMongoliaSpecialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Tserenbat, MunkhbatMongoliaMongoliaCEO, Khomiin taliin takhi NGO – Takhiin Tal      Email 
Tua, JonUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Strategic Planning and Finance – WWFCoach   English Email 
Tullrot, AnitaSwedenEuropeUniversity of Gothenburg, Tjärnö Marine Biological LaboratoryCoach   Swedish, English EmailProfile
Tungalag, GansukhMongoliaMongoliaUNDPCoach     Email 
Turmunkh, BoldbaatarMongoliaMongoliaSpecialist – Ministry Environment & Tourism      Email 
Turner, DaleUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Scientist – TNCCoach   English Email 
Umbagai, LeahAustraliaAustraliaDambimangari Aboriginal Corporation/ Kimberley Land CouncilCoach in Training   English Email 
Unnasch, RobertUnited StatesNorth AmericaDirector of Science – TNC    English Email 
Uribe, JorgeMexicoMesoAmericaAsesor - GIZ, Programa de Conservación y Uso Sustentable de la Selva Maya – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)Coach       
Valdés-Velasquez, ArmandoPeruSouth AmericaProgram & Project Coordinator; Franchise Leader CCNet South America – FOSCoach Trainer   Spanish, German, EnglishYesEmail 
Valente, MarianaBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista – WWF-BrazilCoach in Training   Portuguese Email 
Valenzuela, SandraColombiaSouth AmericaWWF Colombia      Email 
Vallance, GeorgiaAustraliaAustraliaWarddeken Land ManagementCoach Trainer   English Email 
van Assen, ChrisNetherlandsEuropeWWF NetherlandsCoach   Dutch, English, Spanish Email 
van Sleeuwen, BrendaCanadaNorth AmericaNational Manager, Property Science and Planning – Nature Conservancy of CanadaCoach   English Email 
Van Velden, AnneliesNetherlandsEuropeWWFCoach   Dutch; English Email 
VanLeeuwe, HildeDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaWCSCoach in Training   English Email 
Vareltzidou, StellaGreeceEuropeAxios AuthorityCoach Trainer   Greek, English EmailProfile
Vasconcellos, JaneBrazilSouth AmericaAnalista Ambiental – Consultora IndependenteCoach in Training   PortugueseYesEmail 
Verjeije, MargaNetherlandsEuropeIndependent ConsultantCoach in Training   Dutch, EnglishYesEmailProfile
Victor, StevenRepublic of PalauPacific IslandsDep Director of Conservation – TNCCoach       
Vieira Cegana, Antonio CristianoBrazilSouth AmericaAqua Brazil Initiative Project Manager – WWF Brazil        
Vigilante, TomAustraliaAustraliaBush Heritage Australia    English Email 
Villagran, Juan CarlosGuatemalaMesoAmericaMeso-American Reef Program, Gulf of HondurasCoach       
Voight, CarlyBrazilSouth AmericaIndependent Consultant     Yes  
Voraua, Meo SemisiFijiSoutheast AsiaMarine Program Manager, Fiji – CICoach     Email 
Wagner, JohnUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planner and Data Manager – TNCCoach     Email 
Walschburger, TomasColombiaSouth AmericaTNC      Email 
Walsh, PhilippaAustraliaAustralia, Southeast AsiaIndependent ConsultantCoach Trainer   EnglishYesEmail 
Wang, YitingPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaWWFCoach   Mandarin Email 
Wang, QianPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaDirector/Deputy Practice Head, Freshwater Practice – WWF ChinaCoach     Email 
Ward Utreras, Dion IsaacBrazilSouth AmericaSenior Analyst / Analista Sênior – WWFCoach     Email 
Watland, AngelaUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Planner – TNCCoach   English Email 
Watson, JulieUnited StatesNorth AmericaHabitat Strategic Initiative Policy Lead – Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeCoach     Email 
Watson, AlexanderAustraliaAustraliaKimberley Program Manager – World Wildlife FundCoach in Training     Email 
Waugh, JohnUnited StatesNorth AmericaVice President – Integra LLCCoach     Email 
Webster, LexieAustraliaAustraliaSenior Environmental Planner – City of Gold Coast Coach in Training     Email 
Weisenberger, FrankAustraliaAustraliaFrank Weisenberger ConsultingCoach Trainer   English Email 
Welch, MeganUnited StatesNorth AmericaProgram Officer – WWF US    English Email 
Wen, Xianji  (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaChinaConservation Manager, South China Wetlands – WWF Hong Kong    Mandarin, English Email 
West, PaulUnited StatesNorth AmericaCo-director and Lead Scientist – Global Landscapes Initiative at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment      Email 
Wheeler, KimNetherlandsEuropeVogelbescherming NederlandCoach     Email 
Wheeler, JenniferUnited StatesNorth AmericaIndependent ConsultantCoach     Email 
Whitehead, MariaUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Project Manager – Open Space Institute    English Email 
Wieland, MichelleDemocratic Republic of CongoAfricaWCSCoach in Training   English Email 
Wiggins, ChadUnited StatesPacific IslandsTNCCoach     Email 
Wijaya, AmbangIndonesiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Indonesian Email 
Will, TomUnited StatesNorth AmericaSenior Nongame Bird Biologist – USFWS      Email 
Will, ThomasUnited StatesNorth AmericaUSFWSCoach     Email 
Williams, LisaUnited StatesNorth AmericaConservation Science & Strategy Specialist – TNC        
Willmott, AmandaAustraliaAustraliaEnvironment Coordinator – Fairbridge WA Inc.Coach in Training     Email 
Wilson, TroyUnited StatesNorth AmericaI&M Coordinator – US Fish & Wildlife ServiceCoach     Email 
Wittiger, LiviaGermanyAfrica, EuropeProjektmanager West und Zentralafrika – WWFCoach   German, English Email 
Wolf-Watz, DanielSwedenEuropeCounty administrative board JämtlandCoach     Email 
Wolfe-Petre, ChristinaAustriaEuropeWWF      Email 
Wong, NathanAustraliaAustraliaProgram Manager of Natural Resource and Cultural Heritage Management – Dja Dja Wurrung EnterprisesCoach in Training     Email 
Wongbusarakum, SupinUnited StatesNorth America, Pacific IslandsCoral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED) Senior Scientist – University of Hawaii in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology      Email 
Wright, JohnAustraliaAustraliaTeam Leader Research Coordination – Parks VictoriaCoach     Email 
Wysocki, KoralCanadaNorth AmericaProgram Manager – Carolinian Canada CoalitionCoach   English Email 
Yaakop, ZurinahMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaPlanning, Development and Monitoring Manager – WWFCoach     Email 
Yan, Zhang (Mr.)People's Republic of ChinaChinaIUCN    Mandarin, English Email 
Yanfang, ZhangPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaConservation Management Service Manager – TNC      Email 
Yang, BoPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaWetland Project Officer – TNCCoach Trainer   Mandarin, English Email 
Yeong, KenMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay, English Email 
Young, JoraUnited StatesNorth AmericaCCNetCoach Trainer   English Email 
Yujing, Zhou  (Ms.)People's Republic of ChinaChinaCoordinator – WWF China    Mandarin, English Email 
Yunden, BayarjagalMongoliaMongoliaScience director – TNC      Email 
Yuqi, HAOPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaProgram Officer, Wildlife (AHEC) – WWF China      Email 
Zaec, MateCroatiaEuropeAssociation BIOMCoach Trainer     Email 
Zahrah, FadzilawatiMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach   Malay, English Email 
Zeltner, NicoSwitzerlandEuropeWWFCoach in Training   English, German, French? Email 
Zenobi, StefanoMyanmarSoutheast AsiaWWFCoach in Training     Email 
Zhengzheng, MAPeople's Republic of ChinaChinaProgram Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation – WWF China      Email 
Zimmer, KarlCanadaNorth AmericaHead, Stewardship – Environment and Climate Change Canada    English Email 
Zollner, DouglasUnited StatesNorth AmericaTNC    English Email